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Everything's Abandoned! Is this End of Days?

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Went out on some familiar back roads into Murcia province to put the Beemer through it's paces.......get a better feel for it type of thing. As I've said it's totally different to the Strom in all respects as it feels like a big dirtbike or supermoto.......rather than a road bike that looks like it can handle a limited degree of offoad.

The upshot is I'm still very impressed with it......even took it in places I wouldn't have taken the Strom......and it handled it easily.

Couple of Beemer Boys loaded with dustbins were holding me up......so I had to pass them! Not sure if they're aware that despite paying around €20K for the full Ewan and Charley experience, they were holding up and got passed by an A2 licence motorcycle ridden by an Old Age Pensioner! :lol:

Anyway, I ended up near the abandoned village of Moralejo de Arriba so I took a few shots in there.

After I left there, I wanted to top up with petrol.......but found that the filling station was abandoned as well. Looks like they left quite a bit of stuff in there too.

So it's a treble dose of dark motorcycling......Abandoned Beemer Boys, Abandoned Village, and Abandoned Petrol Station! 

This has to be End of Days! Weather permitting of course!

















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My cousin recently renovated an abandoned house in Spain (purchased from its previous owner, I don't mean he just rocked up and picked a house at random). He could have an entire village by the looks of it.

Ireland looked a bit like that, tens years ago, after the financial crash. There were lots of abandoned homes, many brand new and almost complete. A distant relative was one of two householders on an estate of over 100 houses that the developer had to abandon as he went bust.

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