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National Holiday in Spain.....so it's Beemer Time!

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It was a national holiday today so I thought I'd get an hour out on the Beemer! I've already tested it on Motorways, A and B roads, farm tracks and light offroad paths. All good so far.....so I thought I'd give it a test on the canal paths!

These have multiple variations of surfaces varying from billiard table smooth to trenches.......and just about everything in between. Along with bizarre cambers and falling debris strewn across your path.

And there's the added bonus that if you get it wrong you'll end up dropping 6 feet into the canal.

This particularly one is relatively easy......the final one up into the reservoir itself is a bit rough! It's virtually all concrete but it's completely broken up into various zig zag patterns and trenches which can trap your tyres and take you off course!

That's for another day.....I just wanted a gentle jaunt this afternoon! After all, I am a Pensioner FFS!











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:lol: I just might be able to manage that on the VFR, slowly!

on the cruiser I'd have turned round and gone the other way right at the start


Are you sure Ian? There's no boozer on that route you know! :lol:

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