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For Whom the Bell Tolls!

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Lived in the Wear valley for nigh 20 years. The higher up the valley you go and the further from Durham the cheaper. Wolsingham and Stanhope are nice but getting more pricey. Cumbria outside of the actual Lakes isn't too bad especially out towards the Eden valley. The Lakes are eye-watering.

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The island isn't what it was when I moved here, it's going down the pan fast.....................

.................... looking at potentially moving to Cumbria or North West of Scotland, see how things pan out.

never been .. don`t want to either .. and your post just confirms "what i already Knew"

probably get a small holdin north of the border .. but lakes is expensive particularly inside the confirmation order .. wear valley maybe better value..


Get away from the Lakes and you can find some reasonably priced properties, I like it up around the Oban area in NW Scotland, I could live happily up there. Ireland is another consideration, probably around Enniskillen, lovely around there.

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