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The Day of the Dead!

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Public Holiday today in Spain....Día de los Muertos....The Day of the Dead!

Though we always think of it as "The Day we Dodged the Bullet" as it also marks 15 years to the day since we got here! So it was only right to celebrate the occasion with a bit of Styling and Profiling.

All done within the perimeters of this area of course......as per the latest Covid directives!

What you see in the pics and vid is not some obscure farm track, it's actually the only direct "road" that connects two towns!


















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Brilliant places. :thumb:

My problem would be to take my ST1300 on those tiny roads :cheers:


Very hard work......even the Strom took a bit of effort.

With the Beemer it's like being on a bicycle without having to pedal.

It seems that whatever you throw at it, it just takes it in it's stride.

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you wont be swapping it anytime soon then :D


Highly unlikely......where would I go from here? Cos I want a dualsport based thumper......not a road bike made to look like it will handle rougher terrain.

There's only the CRF250L and that would be hard work on the roads.

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i would like to find someone local to me who has one then i can have a sit on it and see what it feels like


It's very comfortable and has a very low seat height.

And all controls etc seem to be exactly in the right place if you get my drift......everything just feels totally natural.

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yeah im going to have to go in to this, i think it's something like a 29" seat height



I don't need a seat that low really......felt very weird at first.

But having one like that has actually helped a lot because it enables me to bend my knees much more at a standstill.

And when I do that I can take the weight on my thighs rather than my knees.

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