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Help with my license and CBT new rider

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So guys, I’m a 17 year old and have bought a 100cc Peugeot speedfight moped. I have my provisional license which I’m able to ride AM. I’ve been researching into CBTs and have no clue on what I’m meant to do. 

Can I ride and insure my 100cc by doing just a CBT or do I need the CBT, pass the motorcycle theory and pass both 1 and 2 mods. 

Can I ride 100cc on an AM license with just a cbt, or would I need to go for an A1 license.

Hoping for a helpful response as I’ve searched high and low and I’m getting different information varying on websites. 


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Do your CBT and you can ride up to 125cc 14?hp moped/motorcycle.

 So yes, you just have to do the CBT to ride the moped. Once you've done CBT
insure moped and ride all you like. For 2 years, then you retake the CBT if you haven't done
a test.

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Once you've done CBT you can insure moped and ride all you
You could then take the A1 test which lets you ride the same but without L plates.
Or ride like  that for 2 years, then you retake the CBT.

At 19 you can take the A2 test to ride a A2 restricted bike.
At 21 you can do the "A" progressive licence test, or at 24 the DAS route (which is basically the A licence in a shorter period).


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Yup, that's the way to go - do the CBT, then you can insure and ride the moped on L plates for the next two years. Then you need either to do another CBT to get another two years' riding, or else take the full A2 test and never do a CBT again.

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