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Bar Ends

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There are 2 types of fitting for these I have come across,

1. Simply screw into the end of the handlebar, on  the end you will often find a plastic plug, remove that and inside is a hex socket, use an Allen ket to remove the bar end.

2. Push inot the end of the hndle bar, then there is a screw/hex socket, this is tightened and it draws a wedge inot he bar end to seure it in place. To remve you looses the screw and hopefully it is free enough to pull/twist the bar end out. If its stuck unscrew the srew several turns then tap it wilth a mallet this hould free it.

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It is hard to picture the problem.  Another solution might be to undo the one on the other side to see how its attached.

Then you can see if the other end is broken and where to remove or just missing...

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