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Eifel, Germany. 2021

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Ah now this threads the balm I’m looking for this morning. Luxembourg sounds great, I know have some geeky Wikipedia facts on board for Luxembourg and I’m good to go 😆

I don’t think I’m ever going to tire (nearly typed tyre there😱) of hearing about roads like silk. Like a kid asking for the same bedtime story ... tell me one more time 😆

@Gerontious you posted another lovely pic somewhere (I think it was on the TOTY thread) is that Eifel? Could we have some pics here?

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4 minutes ago, Bungleaio said:

Who have we got on the trip for '21?








rob m


snoddy is likely, but uncertain due to "events"

and one other due to health issues. he knows who he is and I'll just wait until he tells me one way or the other. plenty of time. no pressure.

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When we went to the saarschleif viewing spot. There were a number of tourists there taking in the quite stupendous view. When all of a sudden 3 nude men appeared  and everyone pretended to ignore them. But the reaction was very funny from some of the tourists and some in our group. Just one of those odd events that make these trips endlessly entertaining. Every year something happens that makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it.

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6 hours ago, skyrider said:

what of ?

Bikes. Riders. Race podiums.. all sorts of that ilk and mostly British. TT. etc. Its a Motorbike themed hotel.. but its not a "bikers" hotel in any kind of a traditional sense. Its not overdone.. the corridor to the toilets has a "who's who" of famous riders and marques of the last 60 years.  more photos in a similar vein in the toilets. An unused room on the ground floor has a lovely old bike on display.. and throughout the inside of the restaurant, more historic photos and memorabilia. But, its been done with some subtlety and care.. if you're not paying attention you could quite easily not notice any of it. Theyb dont push themselves as a "Biker Hotel"  But, if you were to happen across the webpage and ride a Motorbike.. you would recognise it as welcoming immediately.

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12 minutes ago, Slowlycatchymonkey said:

Great pics 😊 

Don’t know if my eyes are more drawn the the verdancy or the smooth tarmac 👏  

Let’s hope when I’m there it’s at least partly the tarmac ⛰ 🚑 😆 

I think I’ve missed something, is the slagroom a restaurant toilet?!


No.  Bonio is tediously over educated and he likes everyone to know it. obviously the play on words excited his baser instincts.



Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 19.01.24.png

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Im still waiting for the 2021 calendar to go up in the office. but, It wont be a problem. other than that I just need to book the tunnel which can wait until the new year. Then nail down the actual number of rooms we need and reserve them. After that its just a waiting game, ticking off the days. And they go by remarkably fast. Its all a bit grim right now and is likely to get worse before it gets better. Easter Holidays are just 100 days from now and that should be the first proper test of any new regime for going to Europe. I'll be closely watching the experiences of others and then its not all that long after till the summer holidays begin and the same again.


only advice I have is that if you are offered a vaccination. take it and see if you can get proof. Its very possible that might be a requirement. so get proof and keep it safe. and then start saving.


Currently our hotel in Neuerburg has the rooms priced at €40 for a single or €45 for a double including the single occupancy fee. This for bed, breakfast and evening meal. aside from that the biggest cost will be fuel. Germany has always been a penny or two more than here.. not a huge difference so whatever the cost is here when we go you can safely assume it will be fairly similar over there. We eat out for lunch most days and because the breakfast is huge there's little need for a massive lunch. a good ballpark is €10 per day for that. plus drinks and snacks during the day. The bar in the hotel operates on either a 'tab' basis, that is totted up and added to the final bill, or you can pay as you go.  I tend to operate on a €100 per day 'all-in' and then expect to have some change left over. You can pay the hotel bill in cash or by card.. due to covid they are now allowing credit card payments. they didn't used to. German business tend to not like credit cards due to the fees. but that's changed.


Unless they have a change of heart.. we can safely assume that the hotel restaurant will be closed on Sunday and Monday evening. This will mean costs for those two days are B&B and we head into the village to the Saray Grill for either a kebab or pizza. Last time we did that on the Sunday and on the Monday went to the supermarket for an al fresco 'cold buffet' with beers out of the supermarket fridge. And make use of the seating in the outside terrace to eat if its fine.. and it usually is.


And that's about it

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