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Covid19 any extension on CBT before doing full test?

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Hi, Im new here and am looking for advice from the get go.


My partner did the CBT January 2020 and went straight out and bought a 125 to get the necessary experience.


They now feel competent enough to do the full test and with Covid19 every instructor is not operational and state, that if & when they are permitted to start training again, they have a book full of people meaning an 6-8 month waiting list. 


My motorcycle/car driving license expired in Dec 2020 and I have been told that it is still valid for another 11 months due to Covid. Therefore, with MOT extensions, expired driving license extensions, I was wondering if there had been any extensions to the 2yr CBT and theory test validity period as a result of Covid19 and the inability to take a full test?

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I was on the understanding that the CBT is valid for  2 year period not 12 months. If so, then I'll be out of CBT by the time they get around to my DAS course.



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so far no extension for any of the driving tests (theory is still only valid for 2 years) so I'm assuming it's the same for the CBT ........ but you do have 2 years from taking cbt not 12 months.


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My CBT is due to expire mid April, I have my mod1 booked towards the end of Feb, not booked mod2 yet will wait and see what happens as I may end up having to do another CBT if anything goes pear shaped.

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No extensions at all.

Was meant to be doing my Mod2 next week.

If you're looking at doing DAS then you have until Jan 2022, or when the theory runs out whichever is first, to complete the course (Training/Mod1 and Mod2).


But yes, you'll be looking at a long wait, i've been told it'll probably be March for me now, with the way it is going.

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dunno about bike tests but for car tests they are booked up till May / June in some places .......The March date might be because of the back log of tests due to lockdowns. 

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I wrote to Grant Shapps, my MP, on the virtual of extending CBTs for people who are already riding.  Nicholas Langly from his office wrote:

"Dear Dave,

 Thank you for your email to Grant. After speaking to Grant about this he has asked me to reply on his behalf.

Yes, that is correct , motorcycle training and testing, including Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), has been suspended.

Grant fully appreciates the challenges that this will cause learners, motorcycle instructors and trainers but the Prime Minister, on the advice of scientific advisors, was clear that we need to take action.

There are no plans to extend the two-year validity period of a CBT certificate. It is important that learners have the skills to be competent and safe riders and have up to date road safety knowledge as they prepare to take their test. To extend the validity period would require regulatory change.  

Minimising the risk to road safety has always been a priority in our response to COVID-19. Ensuring riders have the current relevant knowledge and hazard perception skills is a vital part of the training of riders, who are most at risk of being involved in an accident on the road.  "



2/ We know.

3/ Lets do something pointless.

4/ B.S. from the Department of regulatory Change.

5/ Missed the point of "already riding".


The one heartening thing about this muppet fest of a government is that they will u-turn under the slightest pressure ....... without putting their foot down.

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I wrote to Shapps in November about training and tests this is the reply. ... 




Thank you for your email of 2 November to the Rt Hon. Grant Shapps MP, about the suspension of motorcycle training and tests during the current national restrictions.. 


It is usual practice in Whitehall departments for correspondence to be passed to the appropriate policy team or Executive Agency to reply on the Minister’s behalf. Your email was passed to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and I have been asked to reply. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge for us all.  

When the current national restriction period ends, driver and rider testing will resume. 


The Prime Minister has confirmed that when the current national restriction period ends, England will move to local restrictions on a 3-tier basis. Driving and rider lessons and tests were permitted under the previous tier 3 restriction in England. It is not yet clear what impact the new restrictions will have on driving lessons and driving tests, but we will update our advice on GOV.UK as soon as we have clarity. 


During the national restriction period, people cannot leave home for rider training, including CBT, or driving lessons unless required for a work purpose. 


We fully appreciate the challenges that this will cause learners, motorcycle instructors and trainers but the Prime Minister, on the advice of scientific advisors, was clear that we need to take action to protect the NHS and save lives. On this basis, the November restrictions only allow people to leave home for essential, specified purposes. 


We understand the impact the pandemic is having on individuals and businesses, but our main priority must be that everyone is safe. We are grateful to all learners, instructors, and training bodies for their continued patience during this time. 


Yours sincerely,


Katie Morgan

Corporate Liaison


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18 minutes ago, skyrider said:

it's what's known as a politician's answer 🤨


Ask one how to boil an egg, and they would probably start by saying how much it destroys the economy, or contributes to global warming bleating out some statistical nonsense that even they don't understand 🤣

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