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WhatsApp & crapface

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1 minute ago, husoi said:

Opera browser reduces adverts substantially.

You end up with a blank page and a "skip ad" button :thumb: 

Yup I like opera, most of the time my location is in the US of a 😁 

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An alternative to WhatsApp and all the others is Viber, not very well known but also very good

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A VPN can be useful. I was in Montenegro (obviously a while ago 😢) and despite assurances that my mobile would work Montenegro’s half in half out the EU arrangement meant it didn’t. Had to move a large sum of money while there and was extremely grateful not to have to use the hotels unsecured WIFI (not even a password to access it) so it’s useful for using with unknown wifi networks. 


Then there’s China’s firewall (and other countries who restrict access) which I’ve been very grateful to be able to get around when I was lost and needed unrestricted access to download maps (China is unsurprisingly the worlds largest VPN customer base).


Then finally there’s the bit when you’re away and the services you pay good money for won’t allow you access because you’re not in your home country (eg Netflix, Prime or the BBC), enter VPN and problem fixed. 

It’s sold as internet without borders and it works.

I wouldn’t say I’ve watched stuff on Netflix America because I’m not sure if contractually I’m allowed to but if I did it was delicious not to pay for it while the streaming companies shuffle programmes back n forth to extract every last penny from you and particularly as us in the UK we seem to be paying a lot more for these things than our American counterparts, cash cows that we are. 

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