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Dirt bike riders - the illegal kind

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Hi all,


So this weekend I was almost lynched on my road (push bike, sorry!) bike by 3 scrotes on dirt bikes. Now, I'm certainly not trying to tarnish the rep of genuine mx guys etc. It's a real problem here in Manchester, and across the UK. The 3 lads slowed right down beside me as I was blowing out my arse on the way home shouting at each other and pointing at me and my bike. I backed off and they then wheelied off as they do. About 5 minutes later they were part of a bigger group including the standard issue quad. I pulled off the road as they flew by. Now, they could have just been intimidating me, but it was a pretty uncomfortable few minutes.


Are most of these riders just out to wheelie the streets for a laugh, or is there more sinister things going on? Some of the bikes are seriously high end, which leads me to believe they are most likely stolen as I'm sure someone with the latest KTM woudn't be using it to wheelie down the main roads.


Thoughts? Sorry if this isn't maybe in the right forum section...

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Yea I saw that when she posted it. Totally different part of Manchester, but I'd say it's the same type of rider. No bike was 2 up, so I'd find it hard to believe they would try and steal a motorbike/bike with 2 riders and 2 bikes.

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Hmm I’ve been followed loads of times and its never been sinister, always because they were after a bit of fun. Which can be kinda annoying when your just taking in the view so generally I slow right down until they’re bored n bugger off. 
On one occasion I was chased by three young scrotey looking types who where repeatedly pointing at my bike, I didn’t like it, they caught up with me and kindly told me my backpack was unzipped... prat 🤦‍♀️ 

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Sadly it in most cities, a couple of years ago in Southampton early hours coming home from late shift.
I was in a soft top car, 2 Bikes acting strange behind me as I came to a roundabout.   With traffic lights the lights changed to red as I approached, I naturally slowed.  They split to go either side of me when I saw this I checked the road was clear and jumped the lights, they went to follow then stopped. 
A few days later there was a report of car jacking in the early hours on that roundabout.

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