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Had an extra day off and was out for a ride, I'd done about 18 miles or so when my speedo failed, needle just read zero. Soon after the engine cut out at low speed (maybe I just stalled it) and I couldn't restart it.


The dash lights come on, fuel pump whines etc. but when I press the starter button they all turn off, then after a pause there is a clicking sound.


Recovery guy reckoned it is the battery?

Any advice appreciated :) 

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I think I agree with the recovery chap. Sounds like the battery has just died. 


Test it under load. Off load they can still show decent voltage but collapse as soon as any load is put on it.

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I had similar on my GSX600F, it was a bad connection on the earth lead.

Some lights still worked because they found an earth path through other ways, but it wouldn't start.

Test the battery with a a bulb, headlight bulb is ideal - it will draw about 4 amps which will gve it a good test.

If bulb is bright for a few minutes then baterry is good.

If battery is good, look fo ra bad connection.

If battery is bad, you need to work out if its the battery or charging system.

Charge the battery up and try it out. if it still bad then replace battery.

If battery now looks good, check the voltage with engne running, should be at leasyt 14V.




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Yup could well be the battery give it a charge first before replacing and test it if you can and also try starting the bike with a known good battery or jumping it if you can 


The check to make sure its charging 


Also there is a bunch of wires on the right hand side of the bike that runs underneath the ram air snorkel these are known for collecting water and suffering with corrosion 

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37 minutes ago, Liveware Problem said:

Cheers for the replies :)


Just wondering, is the speedo issue likely linked, and if so would it be fixed by finding and fixing the electrical/battery issue?

Low voltage will often throw instrument issues. I'd start by checking the battery as it's the simplest item to sort. If that checks out ok then move onto the connectors, charging system etc. 


The last time I had something similar it was the battery just letting go. It was fine in the morning, then just suddenly died in the afternoon.

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