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Some complete ignoramus (me) thought it would be a good idea to swap out some perfectly good working front indicators. It started well I systematically removed the old wires one by one each time replacing with the new replacement wire. Having successfully done the right indicator I tried to remove the first of the old wires for the left side, it wasn't budging at all so I tried a bit more leverage with some pliers and in a Frank Spencer moment successfully removed the wire along with about 5 unintentional others including the two new ones I'd just attached. Having a hand full of blue and orange wires I attempted to reconnect them and have successfully got the right side working. The left is a mystery and when I put the left indicators on all that happens is the neutral light blinks which I'm sure isn't supposed to happen.

Has anyone got any tips in identifying electrical connections? the colours of the wires bear no resemblance to the schematic for the bike as the last owner rewired it in Mr. Magoo fashion.


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Put a multimeter on the wires and switch the indicator on. The multimeter will say 12v - 0v - 12v - 0v 😁👍

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