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Next weekend, free entry, ride in.
Weather looks ok at the moment, if dry will go on the Honda, SS125 that is, no one wants to look at the scooter.
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It's that time of year and many bikes come out of hibernation, don't become a statistic;
"A police officer has urged fellow motorcyclists to exercise caution on roads over the weekend as Scotland is set to enjoy warm weather. 
Superintendent Stewart Mackie, a keen biker, issued the warning as it was revealed 90% of motorcyclist casualties are male. 
The deputy chief of road policing said a third of those killed in motorcycle crashes are aged between 40 and 49, and a marked increase in motorbike ownership in recent months may be due to people returning to biking after many years. 
He added that more than 85% of motorbike crashes occur in rural areas and can happen in the daytime and in good weather. "
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MotoGP Fantasy league 2022!
Racing starts next weekend! 6Mar. so get your team registered before then.
 league code is 5TNE45F3.
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MotoGP Fantasy league 2022!
Racing starts next weekend! 6Mar. so get your team registered before then.
 league code is 5TNE45F3.
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I've just got an email (see below) from MCE stating that they are cancelling all policies from the end of January. Only a few days before my renewal is due, and consequently my next year's NCB. FFS Im fairly new to bikes and only got a couple of years. They are cancelling the policy and then have the cheek to tell me to ring them for a quote under their new company. However they have me by the short and curlys as their quotes are half that of everyone else. 
Your policy of insurance is underwritten (or is provided to you) by the Company, which is in Administration.  The Company’s permission to write insurance was suspended on 5 November 2021.
Due to the financial position of the Company, the Joint Administrators intention is to disclaim all motor bike and scooter insurance policies as at 24:00hrs (being midnight) on Monday, 31 January 2022.  
This means that when your policy of insurance is disclaimed, your insurance policy will cease or, in other words, end.
This means that you will need to seek and put in place alternative insurances prior to your policy being disclaimed on 31 January 2022.  
Up until your policy is disclaimed, and on the basis that you are fully complying with the terms and conditions of your policy of insurance, your policy will remain valid.  No adjustments will be permitted to your policy from today except for administrative adjustments which do not affect the risk associated with the policy of insurance – such as correction to the spelling of a name for example.
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North West 200 Dates have been confirmed and it looks like it's all going ahead this year 😃 https://www.northwest200.org
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So what plans do you have in store for the bike to keep you occupied through this long cold spell? 
For me its just remove some of the fairings and have a general clean of the nooks and crannies you can't normally reach 
I also need to reset the timing as its slightly out 
Maybe remove the rear drive shaft to lube the splines 
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Anyone venturing to Motorcycle Live this year 4th - 12th Dec 2021. 
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remains to be seen what will happen to MCE UK
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curious to know if anyone else is trading cryptocurrencies.. im into Bitcoin and Litecoin at the moment, just dabbling, nothing too serious.
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"With effect from 5th November 2021, MCE Insurance Limited will no longer be placing new business and renewals with the Gibraltar based MCE Insurance Company Limited."
Oh boy. This sounds like financial risk management ... or debt crisis management.
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Club-discounted policies from Bikesure Insurance Services.

As a specialist insurance provider, Bikesure has become synonymous with competitive rates and excellent service. Having purchased your dream bike, Bikesure aims to take the hassle out of obtaining insurance cover.

With discounts available for TheMotorBikeForum members,

Call FREE for a quote on 0800 141 2808

Bikesure offer members of TheMotorBikeForum discounted policies as we recognise the needs of the dedicated biker and we offer a wide range of schemes to cover most aspects of motorcycle insurance including:
Discounts for members – up to 25%
Limited mileage discounts
Multi bike policies
Cover for accessories and leathers
Agreed value cover
Cover for imported bikes
Free legal expenses
Classic to customised
Trike insurance
All Cars (including Non-Standard)
Call FREE for all quotations on: 0800 141 2808 If you take out insurance then please private message Stu with your full name and postcode
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BSA, Barnett, MotoG, Honda...??
Hi Guys,   Ex soilder from Germany got a problem... My brother has died and left a lock up with a load of bikes in it (south Wales)....  Any one want anything.. just offer a fair price and its yours... Just want to get rid of it..!! 
. Francis Barnett.








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Hello there 
It’s Francesco from EasyBlock
I work for a new startup involved in the bike security world.
We make unique locks for bikes designed to protect the bike at any stop.
We want to be more involved with the riders community and this forum looks perfect for it.
All our products are Made in Italy,
Have a look at it on our website:
Please let me know what you think about the motorcycle security in general and in the specific if you think this product could help your community and save some bikes around!
Have a good one my friends!
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Old Stores Motorbike Cafe
A brilliant cafe in N Wales providing excellent food and a warm welcome. Good off road parking but on a slope. Please use the stand pads provided in the parking area.
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Gerbing Heated Gloves
OK, I got these gloves as a present last last year and have used them through one winter season and have to say that they have not disappointed.  They were purchased with the 2A twin batteries that fit into a small pocket in the wrist of each glove.  I was a bit unsure at first as to how bulky it would make the gloves, but TBH they're pretty unobtrusive.  The batteries, when fully charged, give about 2.5hrs of heat on the high setting and 5 to 6hrs of heat on the low setting, plenty of power for commuting.  The gloves feel, at first anyway, a little bulky and thick,  but they soon wear in.  It can feel a little fiddly to begin with operating the switches on the bike, especially the indicators, especially so when you're used to more sports oriented gloves,  but you get used to that pretty quickly.  I have to say that firstly, they are lovely and warm,  I tended to have them on the medium setting for the cold frosty days and the low setting the rest of the time and never once had to complain of cold hands or numb fingers.  The gloves are waterproof,  and I rode in some torrential downpours, I keep them proofed using Nikwax leather guard which is pretty effective,  it keeps them looking like new as well.  One thing I would say when riding in the rain,  the gloves have an adjustable, interior, wrist baffle,  if you wear the gloves over your jacket, which you probably will if you use the battery packs to power them,  make sure this baffle is done up snugly,  if you don't, water runs down your jacket and goes inside the gloves.  Protection wise they have hard TPU knuckle protection and scaphoid sliders.  The gloves come with a lifetime warranty on heating elements,  and if you prefer, they can be wired to the bike rather than use battery packs.   I personally love these gloves for winter riding and have just brought them out of hiding again today for the cold season which seems to be back upon us.
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Does anyone else have those annoying neighbours that always come out and talk to you when you're trying to wash your bike! 
You know the type the ones who had the fastest bike available and used to rip it up with their mates on their 100cc
Then they ask so what cc is this then? ..........Its a 1200! 
Goes quiet and walks away 
You off for a nap now Victor? or did you just shit yourself at the thought of bikes moving on from 70 years ago when 100cc was the fastest bikes out there  
Anyone else have these? or are you that annoying old codger  
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Scotland Trip - Outer Hebrides
Hello all! 
My wife and I are starting up a motorcycle brand/club/media and are starting with simply making videos around motorcycle trips, reviews etc. We are 29 years old, and have been biking a few years now, and are really trying to spread the joy of biking to all (we seem to see very few young bikers out and about!)
Here are are first few videos of our trip to the Outer Hebrides below: 
Please do consider subscribing to the channel if you enjoy the footage, it would help us hugely to grow and continue to produce fun, engaging videos to help grow the motorcycle community further! 
Thank you, 
Boondock Puffins
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Snake pass is closing tomorrow for two weeks to be repaired. No bikes will be allowed through 
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OVER racing project exhaust system
I have just purchased a 1988 Honda cbr400rr babyblade nc23. I can't find any information on the exhaust that is fitted, not sure if it is stock or aftermarket or if its worth keeping, was wondering if anyone has any experience and/or knowledge about this system? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 
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It’s fair to say that the BMW R 1250 GS is a favorite among large-displacement ADV competition in its current iteration and previous models. Cycle World Editor-in-Chief Mark Hoyer noted its exceptional capability in his first ride review of the 2019 model, “Performance from the GS is pretty remarkable, especially given its size and weight.” Totally.
The last major update to the GS came during the 2019 model year, when BMW overhauled the machine with an all-new, larger-displacement 1,254cc flat-twin engine utilizing the manufacturer’s variable-valve-timing system, called ShiftCam described here by Technical Editor Kevin Cameron. The goal of the update was to comply with the stricter Euro 5 emissions standards, while delivering a more flexible and powerful engine.

Horsepower and torque figures on the 2021 BMW R 1250 GS. (Robert Martin Jr./)
Ahead of an upcoming comparison test with similarly sized adventure bikes, we placed the 2021 BMW R 1250 GS on the Cycle World dyno to gather our own horsepower and torque measurements. The BMW recorded a peak 117.39 hp at 7,770 rpm and 91.48 pound-feet of torque at 6,510 rpm. Note that by 2,000 rpm, there is nearly 80 pound-feet of torque available, followed by a controllable plateau that makes it an efficient adventure tool on and off-road.
No wonder it is a favorite.
View the full article
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'Keyless Ride'
Utterly f**king pointless addition to biking - Just rode 40 miles, pulled over and stopped the bike to check satnav only to be to greeted with a message on the dash stating: ‘key not detected, you will be unable to restart the bike’

Shit.   😬   Anyway, luckily had the GoPro on so , er, yeh... i left them on the dash and they flew off abut 8 miles down the M25 from Swanley. 😁 Even managed to retrieve the key after being dropped off home.     
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I'm the son of Norton rider Peter Middleton.
A feature-length documentary called "The Fastest Lap" is being made that is to cover motorcycle racing in the late 50's and early 60's, mainly at Oliver's Mount, Mallory Park, Cadwell Park and the Isle of Man.
If you were a rider, race official or even a spectator during this period, who would allow an interview, please let me know. I'm willing to travel anywhere in the UK for just an hour of your time.
Best Regards,
Pete Middleton
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Hydrolic ramp / Table For Sale
Fully working, missing only the end piece that blocks the bike from going to far when pushing on to table. Some light rust which I’ve painted over so is a bit tatty looking. Dimensions of working table : Width 460 x Length 1340 x Height 800
capacity 365kilos.   
collection only from GU12 6PN 
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Yamaha and Maverick Viñales and Yamaha have parted ways by mutual agreement after the rider was suspended for hitting the rev limiter. His replacement has yet to be announced
AUTHOR Dominic Tobin
Maverick Viñales and Yamaha have ended their contract mid-season after the rider was suspended for hitting the rev limiter during the Styrian Grand Prix.
The Spaniard, who has signed to Aprilia for 2022 will not ride for Yamaha again this yer.
Yamaha test rider Cal Crutchlow, who was scheduled to ride for Petronas SRT in the next round at Silverstone, is now expected to move up to the factory outfit for the British Grand Prix, with Moto2 rider Jake Dixon filling in for the injured Franco Morbidelli at the satellite team.
Viñales’s replacement for the rest of the season has yet to be announced.
In June, the 26-year-old announced a “mutual decision” to end his Yamaha contract early at the end of this season, but the relationship came to an end even sooner after a torrid Styrian Grand Prix, where he stalled during a restart, received a long-lap penalty for exceeding track limits and finished last for the second time in three races.
His weekend went from bad to worse when he was then suspended by his team for “irregular operation” of his Yamaha M1. A video then emerged of him revving his bike to the limit in the pitlane.
Viñales missed the following Austrian Grand Prix and was also suspended for the British race.
“Following our mutual decision in Assen to part ways a year early, it was also decided to commit to completing the current season with maximum effort from both sides,” said Viñales in a statement. “However, at the Styrian GP the race didn’t turn out as we had hoped, and regrettably it did not end well.
“After thorough consideration both parties have agreed it would be best to end the partnership with immediate effect.
“I am deeply grateful to Yamaha for the great opportunity. I am also thankful for the support they gave me during these 4.5 years of racing and will look back with pride on the results we achieved together.
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