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  1. i SUSPECT THE CHARGER AND NOT THE CABLE TO BE HONEST Ooops! caps lock was on and I can't be arsed to edit it
  2. Stu

    This forum .

    The ratings are supposed to help in google search and thats all its for See a good review? then rate it as the ratings are supposed to show in search The leaderboard is supposed to entice people to post more so they win but all it does is make people post more crap and I am not sure I agree with it myself
  3. Stu

    This forum .

    Can you explain what you are struggling with so people can help you?
  4. Stu

    This forum .

    What do you mean by this?
  5. Stu

    New bike!

    Each to their own I suppose and to be honest it looks worse in the pics I like it to be honest and I was unsure at first
  6. We all have other hobbies ........................sorry some others do I am sure some will appreciate the pics as there is a few in to boats/sailing on here
  7. Picked it up and rode it home Once home I started to fit parts New ram mount adaptor from Telferizer And also fitted my optimate lead to keep the battery charged so its always ready to go
  8. Stu

    This forum .

    I used to think that I had made a huge mistake when I switched over but I soon got used to it! don't get me wrong there is some things that do work a little better on the other software than this one but thats admin side and not as a user I soon got used to it and how it all works As I have asked many times before @fastbob but never seem to get an answer! What are you actually struggling with? We are willing to help but you have to tell us the issues
  9. It does make you wonder where the rest of the finger is!
  10. Stu

    Welcome Howlinmadian

    Hi and welcome to the forum @Howlinmadian
  11. Stu

    New bike!

    I am shocked I was up in your estimations to be fair
  12. If it has an immobiliser from factory but no extra fob then I suspect you will need a key with a new chip in Its not always doom and gloom though as not all bikes require a visit to the dealers to code the key in Have a read of the owners manual and see if it mentions anything in there
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