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  1. Arn't they the ones that go first ? Very sad news
  2. Come on let us know. Did you make it ?
  3. And is there any chance an administration can drop this in the right folders i.e. Hull and Yorkshire not north east. Now you know why I use numpty in my user name
  4. Thought i would see if anyone fancies it Can do either day. No specific plan, just head away from the rain to either the dales, North Yorkshire moors. Or north pennines? Shout up if interested. Spence
  5. The headline suggests that personal details have been given out, and will be available via Google. But that's not the case . They are using Google deep mind AI to mine the data and look for patterns to detect kidney issues. Plus the data is encrypted and anonymised so only Google can use it and even then it doesn't identify anyone.
  6. Looks like i cant make it today. I was looking forward to meeting some of you guys again. Be safe, and see you around
  7. Hi zeff I'm just down the road in Leeds. I guess we ride the same type of areas. I like to head towards the sun or at least away from the worst rain. Let me know if you want to meet up.
  8. I will try to be there because I have never seen anyone throw up a tent before and it is on my bucket list of things to see. Due ti the pain involved in the operation I have to suck a fishermen's friend afterwards
  9. Yep had nice ride out, over your way. well a tad more northern. I actually wound up in Whitby at the station cafe. Absolutely load of bikes there, and on the roads as well. It was a bit hazy but grand riding weather. Hope your shoulder gets sorted and you get riding again soon.
  10. Not too far from Elland Road, and you. Are you local Neil?
  11. No worries, we all have a life a way from the bike. Maybe next time. Spence
  12. It looks like the thermometer might get into double figures this weekend so who fancies a ride on Sunday? Say meet at squires for a 10:00 set off, and head to where it's driest & warmest
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