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  1. Still struggling to get Saturday off work. I'll be there Friday then shoot off to work and come back late sat night. gutted. No rideout or fancy dress for me this year.
  2. The first year was the best one for me [sMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH AND TIGHTLY-CLOSED EYES] Sent from my SM-G850F using Tapatalk
  3. Taken a while to get back on here. Thoughts with Maia, Cat, Ohjay, Chira and Aarons family. Devastating news. A lovely friendly, happy young man that always went out of his way to help people at the rallies, whether it was just talking too and involving new members or helping people pitch their tents after a long ride. Very polite, humble and funny guy that I had the pleasure of sharing a drink a laugh and a chat with. A fantastic lad that touched so many people in such a short time, he will be missed by so many. RIP Aaron Ride free with the angels friend
  4. Time to have some rest and let your body recover itself. Get well soon all the best
  5. Looks lovely but i'm your typical Brit nice cool summer evening will do me.
  6. TC

    giving up smoking

    Best of luck. One day at a time, put some money away for a treat to reward yourself. Try to change your routines, wash your hands with perfumed soap and smell your fingers that you use to hold your cig with (mad but try it) Do breathing exercises and feel your lungs and chest getting better. Don't be surprised if you feel like shit and cough up loads of crap. its your body cleaning itself. The first 24 hours are the body craving having that its just habit. If you crack and have one, don't despair its just a blip carry on where you left off.
  7. Very nice Mr Fro a home made Abba stand, saved you a few quid there
  8. Thanks everyone for making it a great weekend. The rally was brilliant. Ian and Sue for the karaoke stu bob and everyone for sorting it all out. Littlecat for the morning brews Roy for being Roy Everyone for making it fun
  9. Liquid lunch Al. I might join you for lunch
  10. I've managed to get sunday off so can do the full rally. Just got to do a brief Friday morning then I'm setting off. If it's peeing down the top box and tent are going in the car. I've got a fair weather reputation to keep up.
  11. Is it only me that's camping this year ????
  12. TC


    I avoid redex like the plague. Clears the shit out and makes loads of smoke. Then I always seemed to have problems afterwards.
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