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  1. Selling for a friend. Nice little 2012 Aprilia 125cc Scooter. Recently serviced, MOT'd and a new rear tyre. A few scratches on the fairing but mechanically very sound. Would be a good first bike for someone. £650. Location North Somerset (just south of Bristol). PM me for pics and more details. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Good question. I'm interested in the answer also for the same reasons. Hood Jeans do some black trousers. I rate their denim jeans highly but have no experience of the black ones and haven't the cash to just take a punt without hearing reviews first.
  3. Hood jeans are great. Nice company to deal with too. I'm about to buy another pair myself.
  4. Baby wipes! Cheap as chips in Tescos and they're kind to the leather. Works on visors too.
  5. Hi. Sorry I'm far from expert on this so will defer to others for a proper response, but I was looking for such a thing myself about 6 months ago and couldn't find anything for £100. The Go Pro and Drift cameras are the top dogs but they come in at around £300 and I wasn't keen enough to spend that. There are cheap cameras on eBay but I've no idea about the picture/sound quality or the robustness for motorcycling. I resisted the temptation. Your friend may be better off with a second hand Go Pro. I'm sure the peeps here will have ideas.
  6. Only buy good quality gear! I wouldn't trust the cheap stuff. You always get what you pay for. I use Hood Jeans and they're great, and I reckon good value for what they are. Don't think they do Camo style though.
  7. I'm unlikely to make 25/4 as I may have to work but would be up for such a thing sometime.
  8. I'm just south of Bristol but may well be up for a ride (if u don't mind hanging around with a50 year old) [emoji3]
  9. Herbie


    Berlin is a brilliant place. So much to do. The holocaust museum is a must - it's a very emotional experience as are many of the Cold War memorials. The shopping is great and the people all speak English. Very easy to get around as there are buses, overground and underground rail services. Many interesting bars, cafés and restaurants. Bear in mind the city is huge (it's really two cities stitched together). You'll enjoy it. It and New York are my two fav cities.
  10. I like him. I think he's got a wicked sense of humour which I'm sure is toned down for family audiences. He keeps me entertained anyway.
  11. Nothing exciting like this ever happens in my life
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