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  1. Be careful of your insurance whatever route you take. I declared on my insurance for 3 years that I used a ground anchor in the garage, which was fine and have me a small discount on my premium. However when I renewed last and was talking to the agent they revealed that because I've declared that I use a chain to lock my bike up at home they would expect me to carry it round with me aswell, so if my bike was stolen while out and about they might not pay out. My answer was to remove the ground anchor from the insurance, I'm not carrying a several kilo xhain with me everywhere I go
  2. Why do blondes buy cars with sunroofs? More Leg room.......
  3. Hey guys, home safe. Thanks for a fantastic weekend everyone.
  4. hello again welcome! Andy's dad I presume? be good to see you again! Yea, he's got weekend release from my Mum and their Grandchildren babysitting duties
  5. The Horseshoe, Sywell, Northamptonshire The Royal Oak - Cogenhoe, Northampton
  6. Thanks And I thought public stripping down to all in one under garments was one of the joys of motorbike travel........ Or is that only supposed to be special occasions
  7. I'm thinking something along the lines of a sandwich board with a fake Daily Mail cover story on each side with a headline saying "WORLD GRAVY SUPPLIES RUN OUT FOREVER" And I'll wear my special suit underneath it, of course We probably won't be going. I'm working. Rant. My kids would scare you daft lad.....lol Well that didnt elscalate at all.....
  8. Dont cut anything away as an alteration........ I already have a big old rip in the crotch - right next to the zip Hope there are no kids this year lol
  9. Cheers, are they the "water repellent" ones. Just wondering if that side of things is also as good as they say it is
  10. 24v cordless drill will probably do the trick tbh, unless you are drilling into reinforced concreat (masonry bits won't go through steel bars). I wouldnt pay someone personally, ask a neighbour if you can borrow a drill. Oh, and I thought electricity had reached Scotland......
  11. Don't think it really has anything to do with whether or not the child can speak to be honest.
  12. Dont cut anything away as an alteration........
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