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  1. That's a beaut. Congrats man.
  2. I like a gender-neutral toilet, personally. They tend to be isolated, so you're not treated to the symphony (and smell) of people taking a shit either side of you. Plus they normally give you a little sink where you can wash your knob, if you so choose.
  3. Joe85

    Spam call.

    I like just pretending to follow the instructions, lead them along and then frustrating them when it's not working.
  4. Joe85

    Spam call.

    Not falling for that trick old again. They got me last time with the "Press 1 for tiny penis treatment". Thought it had to be genuine because how else did they get access to my medical records?
  5. Joe85

    Spam call.

    Had an automated call from another mobile number earlier today saying that the National Crime Agency had suspended my National Insurance number, and to "press 1 for more details". Number here, btw: 07951974144
  6. Is it a bit odd, though. Out of interest, what did you type in the search for that pic? ' Woman looking solemnly across a lake'? Oh, and welcome to the forum.
  7. Joe85

    Milano woes

    This? Brake Master Cylinder (Front) - BRMCF024 | CMPO | Chinese Motorcycle Parts Online
  8. The problem with sitting on Zoom calls all day is I spend copious amounts of time browsing accessories and random shite to buy for the bike. Today i wasted money on a GoPro. I'm also fighting the impulse to buy a used enduro bike for Green Laning.
  9. Is there anyway to unsend PM's?
  10. Joe85

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday @dynax
  11. Thanks all.
  12. Paypal offers decent protection, i believe. If it were cash on collection, or a direct bank transfer it would be sus, i agree. That said, not prepared to test my theory with my own money. Good luck.
  13. Helmet trunk, you say?
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