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  1. And so begins the rise of imitation complaint exhausts/cats. A shame really, because they’re hideous.
  2. Joe85


    Also, welcome, Sam. And apologies if you are on the right. Or the left for that matter.
  3. Joe85


    Aren't we all? Nobody wants a right rear shock... unless it's the left giving it.
  4. Joe85


    Depends whose asking. Left or right?
  5. Joe85

    Tail tidy.

    Certainly is a trade off. I'd take the wet arse every time, though. (And the tail tidy).
  6. I concur with your friend. I had one as a courtesy bike a few years back. After a few days I just gave it back and decided I’d use the car until I got my back back. Everything about it was just… meh. No faults that I can think of, it just excelled at absolutely nothing, either.
  7. Yeh, not cheap, but they’re a quality bit of kit.
  8. Rizoma do folding mirrors
  9. The sign in the picture above, you can see it on the vid a few seconds before the key falls: “M25 A 21.3” they’re all along the M25 and go up increments of 5 - 21.8, 22.3 etc. No idea what they’re actually for. Anyway, I knew roughly where it dropped so went back, parked on the hard shoulder, crossed when it was clear and then meandered along the central reservation for 100m before finding it (risky, I know).
  10. The one and only time these signs have been any use to me https://imgur.com/a/9I9QRIi
  11. Anyway, here it is, if you fancy a laugh. Firstly, I can’t believe I never noticed it flapping around in front me, and secondly, I have no idea how I didn’t see it fly off.
  12. Cannot believe the S1000R doesn’t tell you it’s out of range. Madness.
  13. Oh and FYI, protestors glued to the Junction 3 roundabout.
  14. Utterly f**king pointless addition to biking - Just rode 40 miles, pulled over and stopped the bike to check satnav only to be to greeted with a message on the dash stating: ‘key not detected, you will be unable to restart the bike’ Shit. Anyway, luckily had the GoPro on so , er, yeh... i left them on the dash and they flew off abut 8 miles down the M25 from Swanley. Even managed to retrieve the key after being dropped off home.
  15. Give me some of that chaos with Corbyn.
  16. Happened to me years ago. The camera lens just goes f**king apeshit whenever it tries to focus.
  17. Thank you mate, yeh all’s well now!
  18. A few comments from me. I knew he was there and i suspected where he was looking to go given the speed he was carrying. Despite that, i decided to hold my line, A: Because i'm a twat (yeh, i probably could have moved to the middle, although it happened fast and i did kind of expect him to yield), and B: Because i had no idea what was to my left or behind me. Looking back, though, he definitely saw me, and i think he wanted to try and bully me out of the way. My reaction getting off the bike is embarrassing, but in my defence, i thought he was trying to drive away. Also, my foot was in fecking pain! (it had just been squeezed) so i was pretty upset, hence my reaction to the very kind driver letting me cross in front of him. It was after that i calmed down and decided not to make a big fuss and be rationale (hence all the 'mates' toing and froing). All in all, after sending the other driver the footage, he relented and coughed up. New peg on order. Anyway, there you go. If you haven't already, invest in a helmet cam.
  19. Critique away chaps: To be fair to him, he did pay up - was £260 in the end.
  20. That's a beaut. Congrats man.
  21. I like a gender-neutral toilet, personally. They tend to be isolated, so you're not treated to the symphony (and smell) of people taking a shit either side of you. Plus they normally give you a little sink where you can wash your knob, if you so choose.
  22. Joe85

    Spam call.

    I like just pretending to follow the instructions, lead them along and then frustrating them when it's not working.
  23. Joe85

    Spam call.

    Not falling for that trick old again. They got me last time with the "Press 1 for tiny penis treatment". Thought it had to be genuine because how else did they get access to my medical records?
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