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  1. I have booked the tunnel for the return trip in October, our outward journey is going to be Portsmouth to St. Malo, hopefully. I am holding on for the September trip.
  2. September might be possible as both the English and French governments are making the right noises as long as you have both doses of the vaccine, but it's still fingers crossed. I have a trip planned for October to France and this is looking more likely.
  3. Sygic is OK but it does have some strange routing choices, if your phone is your chosen unit then give the Tomtom App a go.
  4. If the roads are going to be slippery, it will 9 times out of 10 be on a roundabout. Learn and move on.
  5. As this topic has been extensively coved in the past many times, we have already been very helpful. A search is all that is required.
  6. I guess people just like talking about sat navs.
  7. This is a bit of an old chestnut, the subject has been covered ad nauseam. Try a forum search. The short answer is, both.
  8. Yes, I ordered this morning. It takes about a weeks or so but I can wait.
  9. I have been in touch with HEL and Venhill and they both want me to strip the brake lines and send them off to them so they can make copies. I am not prepared to go to those lengths at the moment. Goodridge have the patterns but are experiencing long delays due to import and staff problems. Hey ho.
  10. I recently took the FJR into my local dealer (Padgetts in Batley) for a brake switch recall. I have only taken my bike to Padgetts twice and both time it came out with something wrong with it, I'm not casting aspersions it's just a statement of fact. So this time I rode home from the recall work and parked the bike in the garage and didn't look at it for a week or so. When I did go into the garage I had a brake fluid leak which I tracked down to the right front brake pipe. I thought it would be a good time to upgrade the whole system to braided lines. I ordered a whole kit from Goodridge, however they are having some supply problems so I am thinking of ditching this idea and just replacing the leaky hose with an OEM one, this is where the crazy pricing comes in. The front brake pipe is one piece for both sides joined to an ABS block. To buy this part from Fowlers is £184.54 inc VAT + delivery at £5.50 to give a grand total of £190.04. However, there is an alternative, buy from America. If I go to Partshark I can get the same OEM part with the same part number as here in the UK for $53.48 (£38.63) + delivery $67.75 (£48.95) for a grand total of $121.23 (£87.55) WTF
  11. I have a battery compressor and the problem is remembering to keep it charged so I use an AA mini compressor which I plug into my battery pigtail. Saves on memory
  12. They are not the compounds I linked, buy hey it's your project. The wet and dry is OK
  13. You can sand after a few coats if you are getting too much orange peel.
  14. There is no need to go to 2500g if you are using cutting compound, the cutting compound takes over at 1500g https://www.farecla.com/products/g3-regular-grade-paste-compound/ Then move on to a finer compound https://www.farecla.com/products/g3-fine-finishing-compound/ The amount of time to leave it to dry/cure will depnd on the ambient temperature if it's warm a week would be fine this time of year with no heat two weeks would be good. Always use wet and dry, wet, a weak solution of washing liquid and change the water between grades so as not to cross contaminate.
  15. You can apply what they call wet on wet which is as you say let the coating flash off for fifteen minutes or so. I would only put two coats with the wet on wet method. Then wait 30 minutes and apply another and another 30 minutes after that. If you want a real deep gloss mirror finish then you will need about 8 to 10 coats. When the paint is totally dry/cured rub down with 1200g wet and dry and then with 1500g. The 1500g is important as your cutting compounds take over at 1500g. I would suggest Farecla cutting compound.
  16. I have dealt with BikeVis on many occasions and must concur with your findings, excellent customer service.
  17. Earlier this week I had a call in a computer generated voice telling me that HMRC were going to issue a warrant for my arrest unless I pressed 1, or was it 2, cannot remember. So I've got a bag packed with my toothbrush and other essentials in.
  18. They used to be called runcible spoons. As per the Owl and the Pussy-Cat.
  19. Took the FJR in for its brake switch recall, all done now. It was bloody cold sitting waiting for the work to be completed. I was glad to get back on the bike to warm up.
  20. I have a pair of Keis G601 and they have proved to be totally waterproof through 4 hours of heavy rain and they kept my hands warm. You can have them with batteries but I have them wired to the bike, they were about 200 quid. So far so good.
  21. What makes them so much more expensive than say, Gerbing or Keis and what was you decision making process before buying them?
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