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  1. Cheers for all the advice guys! i finally got a straight answer of what parts i need to order from a supplier so ive got them on order and will be getting them next week! hopefully a friend of mine might be able to fit them, if no i might have to take you up on your offer Richtea of working for beer (if it still stands of course ) i can now relax
  2. That's what people have said, but i don't know if i have the other part of the broken hole :/ so i need to buy a new one, but as i mentioned i don't have a clue what it is im needing to buy!
  3. No, I just don't have a clue what it is I'm looking for to replace it, I'm new to bikes and don't fancy taking one apart on my own, knowing me id f**k it up more. plus its there's a lot of corrosion, so if it got took apart I don't know what else would be corroded, don't wanna take the engine apart to change the case, and find out I cant put it together because something else broke.
  4. This is what happened to the other Threaded hole (my modelling skills coming in handy!)
  5. Hey people, ill let you all know when i'm back on the road and we can all sort something out Cheers!
  6. Basically when removing the exhaust, one of the bolts sheared the head, and another... how to describe... well it came out, but it tore through the wall of the aluminium and ripped off a chunk of thread from the case. I don't have any photos so i cant show you what's up with it!
  7. Found the problem! the gear pedal bent inwards for some reason and has been getting caught on a nut the whole time... Thanks guys!!
  8. Afternoon All, My cylinder head on my bike broke the other day (the cover I think, it broke where the bolts go for the exhaust) trying to take the exhaust off and I've been kinda stuck with what to do! I've considered all sorts, like just scrapping the bike, getting a garage to fix it (3 month waiting list apparently) getting the parts and getting a friend to fix it and I'm now thinking of just getting a brand new engine put in it instead of fussing about replacing parts. I'm wondering if a different year bike engine would work in my bike, as mines a 2007 and the only decently priced one I've found is for a 2006! Feedback please?? Also if you have anything you can contribute to get me unstuck I would appreciate it! I'm skint as it is and the stress is just taking its toll on me, as I need the bike to travel Thanks in advance..!!
  9. i havent properly looked at it yet, as its not road worthy anymore :'( but i think it might be the return spring... when i nudge it the slightest it springs back up!
  10. Anybody from around the Halifax, Bradford & Huddersfield area that are looking to some riding sometime? i only have a CBT so cant get going insane speeds, just looking for a cruise that i can get practising on for when i take the A1 & A2 License.
  11. Cheers pal i'll give that a whirl later!
  12. Cheers mate! ill give that a go when i get home. ill introduce myself now
  13. Last night when i was riding my CBR, when i shifted from 3rd to second the gear pedal didn't lift up or go any further down, so i though it was in 1st and i kept stalling at junctions. turns out that the pedal wouldn't automatically lift up and i had to lift it back up just to shift back down again. what could the problem for this be? Cheers in advance!! (this night have posted twice, i cant seem to find the first one i posted)
  14. Last night on my bike as i was approaching a junction in 3rd, i shifted down and the gear pedal wouldn't go any lower so i though it was in 1st and i stalled going round the junction (new rider too so not a lot of experience). i found out that the problem is when i shifted down the pedal didn't lift itself back up for me to change down again and had to manually lift the pedal back up to shift down into 1st. what could the problem be for this? (hopefully not a strip down as i don't have a clue what to do!) Cheers in advance.
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