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  1. I must not comment. I must not comment
  2. Nowt to feel silly about. Clear and calm head will sort all the riding tense issues. Practice deep breathing exercises before the road section and be careful what you eat and drink.
  3. Well.... Its definitely blue sort of tinge. I'm now drinking gin. Scared to phone r lass. I will wait.... Worse part is. I bought the dye whilst sober, thus pre medicated. I may do time for this.
  4. Steady old lad. You've been dry for 3 month. Sorry sir you appear intoxicated......
  5. I have just taken me mam n dad out for my dads birthday. Drank lager Come home. Dyed Grace's hair..... Lisa is at the coast. I am now worried.
  6. Fair play mate. I'd definitely try the alterations route. A half decent seamstress should be able to sort something. Best of luck with it. My nan had bowel cancer when I was a kid.
  7. Cheers old boy. Must have put it on wrong. Been laughing at it since last night.....lol
  8. https://www.facebook.com/377062642839494/posts/981341975744888/
  9. NeilM

    See ya

    Take care mate
  10. Pout n post it for us all to see. Gofund for a @S-Westerlypout lol
  11. Enough ear ache off the bike.....lol P.s. don't tell her that. You know she's hard as .....lol
  12. Friday night. Going to see a young mod band in a little venue by us. Lewis's mates......
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