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  1. Tracker will have already been fitted.....
  2. NeilM

    Happy birthday

    The capri looked mint on fb
  3. You the one in leather six
  4. Ha haha. Just about to have a stroll on beach after I've fed the horse......lol Well cockapoo....
  5. Bloody hell..... Just because we are of Irish decent
  6. That bloody bomb will cost me a fortune....lol
  7. Yep. Think it was planned. Grace has just told me they are stopping at York outlet......lol
  8. Aye. She's heading york way and trying to get back down into Beverly.
  9. Don't leave Ull. Seen the reports of the M62 bomb? Lisa was supposed to be here 2 hour back
  10. Morning. You stopped wittering about the heat yet...lol 1176 deg at the moment in our rather large furnace
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