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  1. Just fill up before you hit the mainland, New Forest, Southampton Bournemouth are all challenging for fuel. it may resolve over night surely there is only so much you can stockpile? Unless less fuel is being delivered
  2. My misses is getting most upset it keeps getting re-homed, by her count it’s 5. ”you cannot sell your dog with the house, thats just wrong!” My daughter cropped up “but if we could you would we would of moved house by now!”.
  3. It’s strange how many household do manage to isolate from each other successfully, Yet how many seem to catch it with ease…
  4. I love the opportunists trying it on: The other one round here has been gas cylinders with all the yachties and campers hitting the area. Gas has been of a premium and some of the asking prices for gas bottles and regulators have been stunning.
  5. I presently have 3 friends on FB posting as if this was there original photo… At least it’s local ish… One complaining there delivery, round normally takes 4 hours but took 9.5 because of fuel shortage… Not certain what is worse imagined shortage, or the complainers complaining I need my fuel I am more important than you! Waiting for someone to comment above I complained, I just changed my plans…
  6. I would not say creates problem that don’t exist it creates problems that should never exist. Like me having to go to the petrol station 3 times today to get fuel, car was empty I have work tomorrow. It’s payday I always wait for payday to fill car up and try and make it last the month. Any excess miles have to be done by bike It also put an end to today’s run to Westbay for fish and chips, we could not get fuel!
  7. As I said to my driving instructor, they cannot catch you on a bend. What about the straights? he asked. They are no fun I replied..
  8. My misses and I where following each other home in cars, we found one of these My misses watched it happen, I went to over take the other car started accelerating. I was doing well over 90 in a 60 by the time he backed down. I was the one that got away, so he slowed straight back to 35/40 to annoy my misses. Why do they do it? Round here it’s to save the animals! Routinely you get people driving at 20-30mph because 40 is to fast…. Oh and at night the other trick is to drive with full beam on so you have to slow because you don’t stand a chance at seeing any animals. That’s what happened to this poor sod killed 3, luckily van had tracker and cams the guy was not held to fault. https://www.advertiserandtimes.co.uk/news/three-donkeys-killed-in-collision-with-van-at-notorious-new-forest-blackspot-9149922/ You just need to read the comments. https://www.facebook.com/NewForestRoadsAwareness/posts/4257792060936742 Would not mind but there are twice as many animals on the forest than ever before, much more traffic and year on year the animal death rate has been falling…. yet that’s still not good enough….
  9. Nice deal but that feature puts me off I would put it on and realise my key is, probably about 100 miles away…..
  10. Ok as some may know I have long been a fan of cheap X grip phone holders like these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Motorcycle-Motorbike-Mobile-Phone-Mount-Holder-X-Grip-Clamp-USB-Charge-/184606195721?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 The issue I have had with the last 2 is after a couple of years they become unreliable for charging. Anyone recommend a quality alternative. Ideally same configuration, ball mount with USB charging. The TDM I would like to find a screen edge mount like this: But with a camp suitable for the screen edge... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motorcycle-Handlebar-Phone-Mount-Clamp-Hand-Operation-Scooter-Phone-/255084497823?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Suggestions appreciated
  11. For buying certainly but selling PayPal to good and giving your money away. There buyer protection is strong, have heard to many nasties. It has scratch that was not on the description…
  12. I have come to the thinking that if buying or selling anything over a couple of £100 bank transfer is the way forward. particularly if item is an easily stolen item pushbike, dinghy, motorbike part, tv etc. We are all aware that you can only take £2-300 out of your bank cash at anyone time. Most of us have internet banking… My routine: 1) Send a small amount £1-5 pounds, they can confirm the amount when received. 2) Send deposit if required (collecting later etc), 3) On collection send the rest. Reasoning being if anyone ever questions the items history you have record of where you purchased it.
  13. Apparently the oval ones replace the horse shoe ones. They stay in better when you replace the head...
  14. I am sure I have seen them! Bar mounted 10mm wing mirrors with a rubber washer bush in so they can be folded in. my friend has a bike that he puts through a gate every time he uses, so it would be much easier…
  15. To start the thread rolling two things caught my eye today... Cardo headset: £116 Good functions how ever only pairs with one other rider by my reading. But otherwise plenty of useable features. https://www.infinitymotorcycles.com/product/cardo-freecom-2-bluetooth-intercom-solo?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-NaJBhDsARIsAAja6dOpuwZx2LIvtq2LF42kKs2GyQe39CjvAC9U-Y9vdABRZk5rn_FJ3lMaAuOqEALw_wcB TomTom rider 550 £300 or less but no warranty. As a my phone can do the job person I am tempted... https://www.google.com/search?q=tomtom+rider+550&oq=tomtom&ie=UTF-8#scso=_wtM3YcP5GNKegQb8mZOQAg7:148.5
  16. Please correct me if I am wrong. My Nephew has just completed his CBT, today was his first ride on his new to him bike, he rode about 100 miles mixed riding and did quite well IMO. He stuck to speed limits give or take and was fairly confident, the biggest thing I noticed was the attitude of the drivers. If I was leading he had a car constantly on his back wheel, if he was leading I did not. I rode the bike home for him the day before mixed riding some motorway. Following the speed limit I cannot think of one a occasion was I pushed even in the second lane on motorway and weaving my way through unknown roads in heavy traffic. It showed to me that most drivers cannot tell the difference. As I understand it to get A1 licence and loose L plate he needs to: Weekdays. Theory test £23 Module 1 motorcycle test (off-road) £15.50 Module 2 motorcycle test (on-road) £75 £113.50 For which he doesn’t need any professional instruction, he can turn up at test center and “have a go”. He can then ride a 125 as long as he likes with no retests, another CBT around here wil be £140. he also has the ability to go on motorways, and carry pillions not that he will want to for long journeys. However like myself brining his bike home to him the other option was several hours longer. I can travel most of the uk without using a motorway however there are afew stretches where it’s just easier and quicker the M271 into Southampton being a good example. Obviously there would be some coaching and allot of practice, probably the odd professional lesson. I would not be suggesting it but as people struggle most with the MOD1 and that’s only £15 it’s not to expensive to resit. The MOD 2 is probably where a couple of lessons would be advantageous. Its also further training. The other advantage showed today, I had to fill up first as tank started at 1/2 empty and finished 1/2 empty that was £30. His tank got filled at end of day, so he knew how to do it £7. I showed him how to tighten his chain. It’s ok for now but thought I should check replacement cost (he’s 17 and doing this all out of his hard earned wages) £20-30 compared with my £130 the same goes for tyres. My thought is he may well progress to a car but if his 125cc bike is still an affordable toy, he can go forward when he wishes. Forum wisdom required….
  17. I have to say big thank you to @Ellyt247. Sorry I did not get to meet you. Looking forward to hearing of your big bike adventures..
  18. Play the mileage game on a comparison website I found up to 6k made little difference so I always use that…
  19. Depends on condition of bike it is a bit but for right bike might consider. Have PM’d you.
  20. Yes looking quite urgently nephew passed CBT today. Based on New forest.
  21. Fazers of that age are normally faired as I recall. Looks to me like it's had a hard life. Your can get forks rechromed for about £300. For that money you can find better, I would say depending on condition of rest of bike. Tyres, seat, chain sprocket etc however if you want a winter hack to learn maintenance on, Not cry too hard over if dropped. Haggle hard and get it down to below 4 figures it might work for you. There is possibility you could polish some value into it. However if you want a bike to go and show at bike meets and polish daily I think she is big money loser.
  22. Thanks for tips he would love the MT125 but defo out of budget. The problem I have is we live 30 miles apart I work shifts so getting together to view and buy is difficult. Hopefully he will pas his CBT tomorrow and I can view sort sale and then we only need to get together for him to ride it away. Or I get lift to ride it home.
  23. Still looking. Just going to update this with I can understand the frustration of anyone starting riding first school. Ok he didn’t pass first day to snatchy with the clutch and forgetting to turn off indicators - fair enough. They said boom a retest we do it cheaper, he tried a couple of times to book and he is still waiting. For an appropriate slot 2 weeks later. I suggested he just bites the bullet and tries different school, so it was booked for today turned up with all his gear and…. Oh sorry we are double booked. I phoned round and found second school with availability tomorrow, Spoke with grumpy borderline 1/2 rude man. Apparently it’s the same group, they Can actually do tomorrow at different site they failed to mention. Having made arrangements He was grumpy / borderline rude when it was booked. So now looking for a bike, still looking. Deal advertised one yesterday I phone at 0830 this morning sales department not open left a number. Just gearing up for hours ride to see it, having expected a call back. So phoned them back no sorry sold. If you take a number you phone them back? Or don’t take number and tell them to call back. Dont start me on the nightmare of FB, EBay and Gumtree I am still looking.. 3 weeks and have not managed to view 1. If some one knows of 1/2 decent 125cc bike about 1k, please let me know.. Its looking like a 2 hour bus ride for the poor lad for his start at college…
  24. @Six30 just wait till old Doris has a bit of an infection. Then you won't be so brave, I know afew with lasting war wounds.
  25. Tough and sad new for you and your family. A great thing passing gear on to some gear to someone who is starting up. If people are more distant there are services where they can pay to have a large size parcel collected for less than £10. All you have to do is wrap it (bin liner's and duck tape), and be there for collection (or leave in porch etc). From time to time I use it even for relatively short distances (20 miles) down here because it saves on fuel and a couple of hours riding/ driving in heavy traffic. Regardless keep going and make the most of every day...
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