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  1. So, after mine and Phooey's 750 mile round trip through Cornwall, here are (most of) the resultant photo's! Phooey should upload the ones I missed later on. Buckfast Abbey Lappa Valley Steam Railway Healey's Cornish Cider Farm The Eden Project Powderham Castle Finch Foundry Museum of Witchcraft and Magic **Sorry, we didn't realise we were allowed to take the bikes that far down, so they aren't in the picture.** Abbots Tearooms Tintagel Old Post Office Dartmoor Prison Museum Restormel Castle So by my count, that is an additional 110 points! Phooey has 4 that he needs to post to finish off the Cornish group. Happy Biking!
  2. Put the other resistor in and now they light up at correct times with old relay but no flash. New relay, they don't light up at all, Duff relay??
  3. Honestly, this bike ia doing my head in today. I've fitted 4 x LED indicators and put the included relay in place of the original. Lights very dimly stay lit (all 4, all the time). I have 2 r&g indicator inline resistors. Do I need 2 more? One for each indicator? Will this make them work? I thought I could put 1 in the right circuit and 1 in the left circuit and this would be enough. Now with 1 resistor in the right circuit, and the new relay, nothing lights up. With the same resistor in the right circuit, and the old relay (for the conventional bulbs), when flashing left only the left stay on, when right, they all just stay on. Bit much more brightly than before. Any ideas? I only put the one resistor in to test the right circuit before I messed about putting the left one in and for it to not work. Thanks guys, WonderAve. Cbr125
  4. It's sound, I just fiddle with it and cause problems & it's on now, thankfully:) did have to cut it though. Step 2, led indicators... joy:(
  5. So yet again I'm here to ask you wonderful people for a bit of advice. I'm trying to fit one of those universal tail tidy's from eBay onto my CBR125. Thing is, it seems like I have to strip down the whole back end, from the tank to the rear. Then it looks like I'll have to saw the existing undertray, as it looks like it's one moulded tray with the existing number plate bracket. Are myself and Phooey doing something wrong or is this the only way? Thanks in advance, WonderAve:) P.S. I've been about the forum just been lurking:)
  6. All done now, Phooey and his tool kit were able to lend some assistance and it's now finished, sounds and looks brilliant! Thanks guys:)
  7. Indeed! However I'm replacing the whole system and I mean the flange which joins the downpipe to the cylinder head. I'm replacing because of a complete split round the downpipe about 2cm from the flange. Meaning i cant use the downpipe for leverage
  8. Hey all, long time no read! Hope you're all well. Anyways, been trying to change my exhaust this afternoon and the flange is stuck on! Bolts are out but is it just road holding it there or is there something I'm missing? Honda cbr 125
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking for a cheap camera, quality only has to be 720p, but more is okay. MUST have a mic input so I can be heard while riding. Looking to have about 4 hours battery life and sd card slot. Anyone know where I can find something like this for £50 or less? Thanks guys!
  10. Me too, that's just so stupid! & haha
  11. I know! Why does the half a mph make a difference? Why isn't it just 10?
  12. So we've all seen ridiculous speed limits, but this!? Really? Imagine the thought process of the guy who put the permission for this in... Somewhere up near Coventry, found on my travels with midlifebiker today.
  13. If you can handle the company of a 17 year old on a 125 i'd be more than happy to go for a few rides, I'm always out and about about Bristol.
  14. Okay, thanks Stu, appreciate it:)
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