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  1. Thanks everyone - you're all too kind Been away from the site for a while, but back now. Bike is going in for a recall - starter magnetic switch malfunction. Once she's been in i'll get out and about and possibly get in touch.
  2. Haha love it NeilM!! That made me chuckle........you're right though Hayley
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm still getting used to the bike. I couldn't get on with the clutch at first but after adjusting it, I seem to be getting on much better. Still building confidence and I don't quite feel ready to spread my wings outside of Barnsley yet. Hayley x
  4. My new baby Only had her a month - had a busy few weeks since getting the bike but things are quieting down and weather looking better so hoping to get out more to build up confidence and ride further afield. Hayley x
  5. Hey, oh well guess I better show off my mug Hayley x
  6. Morning all, Just wondered if there were any riders on the forum who are in or around the Barnsley area? Recently just bought my first bike after passing CBT and was maybe thinking after I've gained some experience on her and feeling more confident, if there was anyone out there who fancied rides out. I was a little hesitant to ask with me being new on the bike scene and riding with L plates (and also being female lol). Thanks, Hayley
  7. Thanks - so basically my full UK driving licence allows me to use it as a provisional licence to use with the bike?
  8. Hi everyone, Just a quick query, I have a full valid UK car licence (since November 2007) do I need to apply for a provisional licence to allow me to go on to do my CBT and DAS? The information on the internet is so conflicting - some say you need a provisional licence and others say if you have a full valid car licence you're ok. Thanks for clearing things up. Hayley x
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