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  1. I thought it may of been, clearly I hadn’t looked hard enough.
  2. https://www.visordown.com/news/industry/government-threatening-make-modifying-any-motorcycle-illegal?fbclid=IwAR0qaFci27if54DLIreAzTrsVYorCis3sU0nwlNuz2c-brEju2hAise9Ty Discuss….
  3. Troy

    New bike!

    Nice! Has the FJR now gone?
  4. I read this article today... https://www.visordown.com/news/general/survey-says-31-motorcyclists-would-stop-riding-if-electric-replaces-petrol What’s everyone’s views on electric powered motorcycles? Personally, I can probably live with an electric powered car.... but The idea of a motorcycle being electrical powered sounds absolutely unwanted!! For me it’s the sound of the engine. The smell of fuel burning. The excitement of getting a new aftermarket exhaust. The adrenaline rush of pulling back the throttle and hearing it just starting to wake up and enter it’s “comfort zone”. Then there is idea of knowing your sitting on what feels like a rocket that contains more than enough fuel that could ignite and cause you to go up in flames... I mean, I can honestly say I probably died with a smile on my face!! The Isle of Man TT.... you come round a bend at 150+ mph and you don’t come off into a haystack or a tyre wall... instead you’ll probably end up headfirst into a window and spoiling a nice old ladies curtains and then start asking for your two front teeth back, and that’s if you survive. What a way to go, right!? Giving up riding because of these changes sounds a bit extreme but I can understand why some people may want to jack it all in.
  5. If your serious about selling, I may have a buyer lined up
  6. £175 delivered... I will include a Samsung 32GB micro SD card which will be left inside the device. When removing the camera mount from the Helmet, I wasn’t able to save the adhesive pad so a replacement pad will also be needed. There is a spare one in the box that comes already attached to the flat mount bracket. EDIT: The USB charger has been found and the camera is now fully charged and functional.
  7. I got a helmet cam a while ago. I had an incident on the road that made me buy it. At the time, it made sense because I was commuting to work on a bike daily. That’s no longer the case and hasn’t been for at least 2 years now. Ever since, I’ve never used the camera because the bike has become a weekend toy.... and I’ll shamefully admit that the weekend rides are more “spirited”. If or when I have an accident, I’m afraid the footage will be used against me... of course, I’ll be to blame and I accept that. You could say maybe I should use the cam for that reason, to keep things under control. Anyone else been put off using a cam for this reason or am I only the looney toon? Be honest
  8. For some, the motorcycle is an essential part of travel. For me though it’s a toy and I get a buzz from it when it’s used. I can be like a child when the Sun comes out and I get on the bike. I go all fuzzy inside I find myself giving a “wave” rather than a nod when I’m in this mood. I appreciate that this is sound advice your giving and it is important to keep yourself and other road users safe.
  9. The Atlas Throttle Lock - (https://www.atlasthrottlelock.com) Good points: - Quick and easy install - It works, simply put. It does what it says on the tin. - Relieves the throttle hand from fatigue if this is something that effects you. - Very discreet in appearance, it actually looks part of the bike. - Can be quickly disengaged or activated at the press of a button unlike other designs that require more adjustment and takes longer to deactivate. - Feels very strong and durable and feels like it will withstand the elements nicely. Bad Points: - The slightest corner you take or bump in the road can slightly jog your throttle and you will find you start to lose speed rather than maintain it. Doesn’t happen often but it is annoying. - It’s design is very good and it does work.... I do think it’s a little too expensive for what it is though. Note: Keep in mind that this is only a short term review of owning it and I have not tried it on a long journey yet.
  10. I have not read through all the replies to this thread yet, but following on from the starting post.... I think another point to consider is if the training they received on there CBT was good enough? For example: some riding schools in my area are notorious for hosting “crash courses” and promise a pass at the end of 7 days. I think a day to earn a CBT certificate or license is possible.... but maybe it’s the quality of education being given and not the duration it takes to learn. Having said this, I crashed my first car the day after I passed my driving test and it took me about 7-8 months to pass. Not once have I felt it my instructor’s fault, I was simply over-confident at the time.
  11. For me: Don’t trust a turn signal from another road user, wait for them to turn in or manoeuvre before you proceed.
  12. I would really enjoy something like this. For me, a HUD will be an instant sale. I’ll happily invest in one like in the video but I still personally think that sort of tech is out of reach because of the price it will need to be sold at. I’m hoping when Apple release their eyewear, it will have some sort of HUD feature that can be used while on the road.
  13. Simply asking out of curiosity, and also considering a new lid... mine is getting a little old now. I currently have: Shark S900...
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