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  1. I overplan, using * google maps (good for putting together whole routes and times) * curvature (good for finding bendy roads and avoiding straight ones, and for checking for 40 and 50 limits) * streetview (finding good scenery, checking road surfaces, road widths) * bing maps, the OS maps layer (good for checking for rural areas that are built up, finding roads without hedges)
  2. Blimey @Stu. Never would have put you as that old. Never ridden one, but they're supposed to be great bikes. Is it a 1200?
  3. Bicycles. Greenhouses. It's the same story.
  4. The bike's warranty covers faults in its manufacture. It doesn't cover accidents or damage to the bike, and it doesn't affect how the accident is sorted out; don't let anyone try and persuade you differently. If she hit you when you were stopped, then it's 100% her fault. Her insurer's will try and get you to agree to 50-50 or something like that, but don't agree. Your insurer might try to get you to do the same, but politely and calmly repeat, "I was stopped. She reversed into me. It's 100% her fault". And best of luck
  5. The DR-Z needs new chain and sprockets. Longest I've ever had a bike with a chain is 3 years, and never needed to replace it, so this is a whole new experience. I've got to the second hurdle and fallen. First hurdle was - how many teeth (going to use stock, which is what I've got now - 15 front and 41 rear). Second hurdle: what chain / brand / kind to buy? Don't want to buy a chain that wears or stretches. And it has to be gold cos the bike needs a bit of bling. Any ideas? Ta in advance.
  6. waiting waiting waiting tbh a trip anywhere this year will be received gratefully.
  7. So far, it's amazing. I'm 1900 miles in now, and really enjoying it. And I've hardly started; I find it takes a while to get really familiar with a bike.
  8. I'm on my second triple in a row. I've loved the engines in both: torquey enough for real world usefulness and revvy enough to satisfy my inner hooligan.
  9. Congratulations. Big change from an inline four to a twin. Given a choice, though, I'd go for a torquey twin every time
  10. bonio

    Geared bike

    The one week's course will very likely be fine for you. Or you can spread it out if you prefer and do one day a week for five weeks; that way you can take stock of how well you're progressing, and add in an extra day of tuition before the test if you feel you need it. Or do half days or whatever suits you best.
  11. XSR is a cracking looking bike.
  12. A scam for sure. Probably worth reporting it to ebay. But the guy will probably just open another account.
  13. Nope: it's a fresh booking made for this trip.
  14. Yup - the seat on my GS was as good as new after 50000 miles.
  15. bonio


    ooo. you're on the the doorstep of some of the best roads in the south east. Here they are, in glorious tecnicolour (yellow = bends, orange = more bends, red = most bends) (credit: roadcurvature.com)
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