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  1. 125 is a good size engine for beginners. Plenty fast enough to be frightening but not so much as to be completely terrifying. When you practice, find some private land where there's nothing near about. Don't go wild, keep your speed under 40 until you've a feel for how it works. Look where you want the bike to go (which is not always where it's going!) Most of all, wear a helmet and decent protective gear: especially gloves and boots, but proper jacket and pants too - denim shreds to nothing in under a second.
  2. Some learner bikes are small, and aren't gong to work well for someone as tall as you. Best to phone up a few training schools near you and ask their advice; they'll know what bikes they have and which are going to be most suitable.
  3. bonio

    Hospital bills

    Ouch, that all sounds painful. Hope you're recovering ok. Sorry, going to have to ask you some more questions in order to help - did you receive your treatment in the UK, or somewhere else? what's your nationality? what's your residency status?
  4. +1 for Hideout Leathers. They're just a few miles outside Cambridge, so not that far from you. I've not used them myself, but they're well regarded for custom alterations to leathers.
  5. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone comply with a stop sign.
  6. Perhaps go and do a couple of test rides?
  7. Hope you had a great day @fastbob
  8. Makes sense to stop them being on all the time if you think they might be confusing other drivers.
  9. Some classy laybys you've found yourself there, @Six30.
  10. Ok, keep me in the loop
  11. Its sad but true that there are always plenty of people around who would happily shop someone in order to get even with them or win some petty battle. But what kind of police force would think it a good idea to build its enforcement on that kind of behaviour?
  12. April for me is already booked up to the 24th.
  13. Must have been the little people!
  14. Might help if you say which area of London you're based in.
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