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  1. bonio

    Welcome Rude

    Hello mate. I'd put in motorcycle chat, here: https://themotorbikeforum.co.uk/forum/8-motorbike-chat/
  2. bonio


    Usual way to lower a bike is to install longer dog bones - the part that attaches the bottom of the rear shock to the frame. They're usually around £40 or £50, but it depends on the bike. If you lower the bike by more than an inch you'll probably need to lower the forks (you don't need any parts for this) and perhaps shorten the side stand.
  3. One of the odd things about modern life is the number of people who take to some form activism, seemingly as way out of the agonising nihilistic despair of consumer shopping and watching daytime TV. It's as if they need something to fill a gap in their lives and they find activism simply because it gives their lives a purpose. It really doesn't matter what they're campaigning for (Bradbrook herself has hopped from one good cause to another, to another) as long as they can convince themselves that their calling is a great and mighty one. The sad thing is I just roll my eyes and switch off and end up becoming even more cynical than I was before I heard about them.
  4. Good grief you're right. From Wikipedia My gob is smacked.
  5. Mine have seen a few miles. Surprised they still keep me dry.
  6. bonio

    Tail tidy.

    Dear Diary. Today I agreed with Six. In fact I'd put one on the MV cos the rear thingy is a real eyesore, except I can't be bothered with rerouting the wiring for the rear light and indicators.
  7. @PaulCa As for courses, might be work taking a look at i2i, as Tom runs some training days in some place to the north of Drogheda; he's a great guy and the whole day is great fun.
  8. bonio


    Left, for sure. But you are talking about rear shocks, yes?
  9. bonio


    It read it that the one from the SV is a lot stiffer. I mean, the one from the GXSR will be too soft.
  10. bonio


    Looks like a no, then. Did I read it right?
  11. bonio

    Tail tidy.

    Pics or it didn't happen. (the tail tidy, not the wet arse )
  12. Insurance on the MV was 40% down on the previous year. Don't know why - perhaps because when I took the insurance out last year I couldn't tick the box that said "over the last 12 months, have you been riding a bike of 600cc or more", so they insured me as a big bike noob? Or perhaps because I broke through the 60 years old barrier? Anyhow, happy it was down to £150, even if it is it because I'm an old git.
  13. 125s are fine for commuting short distances. But 50 miles each way, with dual carriageway and motorway to boot, is a serious journey, and I'd have thought it's going to be a pretty miserable experience in the dead of winter unless you're on a significantly bigger machine, with a happy-go-lucky engine, heated grips, a headlamp that puts a searchlight to shame, and a decent, sod-off screen. A Burgman 650 would be a super-sensible option, or else a Versys 600/650, or a Honda NC750X. Better still would be something that doesn't have a chain, like a BMW F800ST or an even an R1200GS (good grief, look what I'm doing here... ) - but the GS comes at a price of course. Of these, I'd suggest you have a serious look at the F800ST. If you're looking for something to do the journey in spring, summer and autumn, then something smaller would do you, but for me, I'd still not want to flog a 125 hard up against the rev limiter for an hour each way 5 days a week. So I'd say DAS is your one viable option.
  14. That's a nice looking bike, mate.
  15. Too stiff in the joints to get a knee down. I can lean the bike as much as I like, but the pelvis and hips just won't flex like that no more
  16. I think you just need to keep on practising. The problem I find is that it's hard to find the right road conditions that allow you to practise consistently. On the road, you have to take whatever opportunities the traffic and the road surface offer you, and so it's hard to build up confidence. The best you can do is to try hooning round a large roundabout at night. What about going on a day's course that includes some cornering work? Something like i2i perhaps or HRT or a knee down day? As for cornering in the wet, I'm cautious too, and I'm not about to change. It's true that tyres are very grippy in the wet, and I could probably do a lot of corners with more lean than I do. But, in winter at least, the chance of coming across some mud or some diesel, or leaves or just the general oily grime that comes off cars is too high - and you often can't see it when the roads are wet until it's too late.
  17. Pics needed as proof Enjoy the ride home!
  18. Sounds the same, only I was I getting a fever too, and my brain went to mush (figuratively, I mean). 3 LFTs and 1 PCR all negative.
  19. I had the mother of all colds a couple of weeks ago - thanks again to the grandchildren. Off work for a week . Nearly had to cancel the trip to Scotland. Still got a cough, four weeks on.
  20. May be it's because I'm a Londoner, but I like London Pride
  21. I had the same feeling when I gave the bike a test ride. But I just don't understand parallel twins; they're a mystery to me. I guess there's a way of riding them that I've not discovered.
  22. To be honest, it wasn't quite the same without the Umleitungen and the furious finger-stabbings of the sat nav that follow. And Tennants is no match for Grimburger. Blinding roads up there though.
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