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  1. Hey guys. Did any of you do the Wirral Egg run today? My first time on my ybr and i loved it, loads of bikers there showing their support. I've been tagged into another egg run on the 20th from the Krispy Kreme next to Trafford center are any of you guys heading up from around cheshire? Might head up
  2. Novice alert!!! As the title says, i seem to have a slow puncture in both god damn wheels. I check the tire pressures before each ride because at the moment i'm only using it a couple times a week (maybe 2-3 times, so wasnt sure if this was anything to do with it) Each time i check the tire pressure they are around 11psi in the front and 20psi in the back. Both blown up to the correct tire pressure for a ybr 125cc. Whats the best way of checking for slow punctures and whats the best way to fix them (if any) Thanks in advance guys
  3. What is your knickname? Boo Who do you live with? Parents currently. What was the last song you listened to? Jakyll and Hyde (Five finger death punch) What was the last film you watched? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. What was the last meal you ate? Good old fashioned toast Skateboard, space hopper or Pogo Stick? I fall off all of those... White, milk or dark chocalate? Milk Chocolate What is the best pet you ever had? Horse - Boo (not named after me) Who is your favourite comedian? There's a few... Micheal McIntyre is funny. What is your favourite tipple? JD and coke. Where would you rather be? New York, Tokyo or London? London. Microsoft, Apple or Unix? choose.... Microsoft, i think. Window's 10 sucks though. If money was no object, what bike would you buy? Kawasaki Ninja H2R is pretty sweet but i'd be happy with any decent ninja. Only fools and horses, Newsnight or Masterchef? Only fools or Masterchef. How many tv's do you own? one. How many radio's do you own? Does my computer/phone/tv count? What is your favourite fruit? Strawberry or raspberrys. A real book or an e-book? choose.... Real books. Real ale, lager or a nice glass of Vino? choose....Lager (Prefer it to be whiskey) What was the last book or magazine that you read? Book = Lord of the rings Tatoo, body piercing or nothing? choose.... Tattoo's (1 quote from Zombieland) and 3 piercings. A night in the pub or a meal out in a restaurant? Either, as long as i get fed at some point.
  4. Cool, thanks guys. Think it will be a Saturday afternoon job. Noticed yesterday that it doesn't squeak when it's wet? Might have just been luck because that was the first time i'd notice it not squeak but not been out on it today.
  5. Its a drum, i think i'm gonna have to do what eastanglianbiker said and remove the rear wheel again, give it all a good clean out again. RantMachine, it doesn't feel on/off, works fine when you use it. Just the noise. I think i may purchase a new drum just to be on the safe side.
  6. I've got a little YBR 125. Only bought it a few weeks ago. The back break is squeaking whenever i apply pressure to it (use the break). It's really damn annoying, quiet a handy car deter-ant though. We recently took the break off to give the whole area a good clean and to see what needed replacing etc. It didn't speak when i got it, it started doing it after we took it off. Any idea's as to why it would be doing this? Only thing i can think of is there might be a bit of dirt on the pads. But i'm a novice, hence why i'm reaching out to you wonderful people. Just wanted ideas on what to look for when we take it apart again.
  7. Thanks guys! Think my aim is to get a little 125cc and ride it until I'm 24 then just go in for my direct access. Gives me time to get some road experience on my bike. Going to view one tonight so hopefully will be out there soon!! Thanks for the comments though guys. Really appreciate the feedback on riding bigger bikes then back onto 125cc.
  8. That's what i was worried about. I was originally gonna get a little Yamaha 450cc to work on over winter, in time for when i get the first half of my license done and 'restrict' the horsepower on it until the full license has been completed or see if i can hold out until july when i hit 24 and just do the direct access but part of me just really wants to get out and get some experience, which i wouldn't mind doing on the 125cc providing i've not paid loads for it.
  9. Woo! As title says, i passed my CBT! Not bad for my first time actually riding a motorbike while being pulled out on twice by cars, having an ambulance flash its blues at me and have a wasp fly in lid on the road half of my CBT. Instructor wants to put me straight on 500cc to do lessons, did anyone else do this? Was thinking of a few more lessons on 125cc then onto 500cc? I'm just looking for a little 125cc to play about on over winter, so if you guys no any cheap ones or any good websites let me know Don't mind a bit of a project.
  10. My textile jacket is RST at the minute and it's super comfy. Hence why i was looking at the leathers, the reviews seem to say that they withstand a meeting with the floor quiet well to..
  11. Discussing buying some leathers. What leathers do you all recommend and not recommend? I like quiet a few of the RST and Akito leathers but as with everything theres some good and some bad points on both. Not looking to spend a fortune on a pair of leathers at the minute either. 3...2...1...Discus
  12. That's not a bad price at all, i assume mine would drop once i had a full license. I've just got to get saving in order to buy a bike and insurance before the car goes.
  13. Well I'm screwed then haha! I spend most of my time riding naughty horses, I'm hoping a 125cc motorbike will be better behaved haha!
  14. I've finally booked my CBT!! Booked for the end of the month! So excited!! Any tips or advice for it would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Thanks guys. I went and had a check, i borrowed someones reg haha. Came out at £600 a year comprehensive for a 125cc Honda with UK bike provisional, which i didn't think was drastic. Lets hope payday is a good one so i can book my cbt in and then the bike test hopefully not long after. I'll be asking for tips to stay warm during winter next haha.
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