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  1. They are usually visible, butby the time you have seen them it too late - they'vw got you. Also they havea habit of pairing them up, you see one, think there won't be another one anywhere near, then just down the road there is a second camera.
  2. Fitted a replacement front caliper, rebuilt with new seals. Old one was loose, slide pins had rusted and worn. Been out for a test ride, busy at Sams cafe (by A&d Motorcycles inDenbigh). Didn't see a speed camera van today - unusual for sunday in North Wales.
  3. Thanks fo rth ebirthday wishes, had a great day outon the sea messing with boats.
  4. If you are lucky then the connector and all the positions are the same, in which case the wire colours don't matter. If the connector ois different then it will be a bit more work. Check what hte switch does between your model and an earleier one. Generally the wiring will be +12v input to the switch. IN off position nothing should be ocnnected to the input. In the "on" position there will be at least one output. +12v output - allows all the lights, horn etc to work. +12v output - engine ECU/ignition and starter. Both of the above should be connected tot the +12v input There will also be a parking light position. +12v output to sidelights. Only connected when in the parking position. Hope this helps,
  5. This seems to have made the deadlines because the of the hammer thrown at the Cops. The crime started with stealing the bike, somebodys pride and joy that they had spend mamy hours earning the money to pay for. The police seem to dismiss the theft part as trivial, but if they treated it nore seriously then it wouldn't escallate to physicalattacks on them
  6. One way to createa Hardtail but still have shocks!
  7. I use a rag soaked in white spirit to clean the excess off then something like Gunk or Muck-off for a final clean. Meths does not disolve grease or oil very well.
  8. As above the switches seem to work the wrong way around when not installed. Not pressed - switch closed. Preseed switch open. 3.4 Amp is about right for the current draw. Most bigger bikes have 2 bulbs - 2 x 21w =42w /12v =3.5amp.
  9. I saw on the news, inflation is going up in the US mainly because 2nd hand vehicles are getting much more expensive.
  10. Almost any vehicle from the seventies is worth a lot of money these days. I think this is because those of us in our fifties/sixties either had these vehicles or wanted them when were teenagers. Now we have disposable income to buy them, even at inflated classic vehicle price tags. Some are more sought after, the big headline bikes, Kawasaki Z900, Honda 750 for example. It's difficult to say which current bikes will become valuable classics. The bike market is very different now to when I was a teenager. Most bikes now are sunday toys, low mileage clean bikes (of which there are plenty) hold thier value well compared to cars, owners are older as well.
  11. DID chains are good, often considered by many to be the best. they do gold versions. You need to look after gold chains, my bike had gold chain when I got it. It looked good untill winter, I omitted to keep plenty of grease on the side (gold part) the gold colouring started to come off because of rust and it looked horrible.
  12. Make sure your footrests are clean as well, or you could find them slippy next ride, especially if its raining!
  13. The bikes I had in the 70's 80's always ended up with ripped seats, they seem to be much more durable these days, my GSX600F still has original seat with no rips or tears (18 years and 50,000 miles) These days It seems to bemore common to modify seats than repairs. There seems to be a lot of riders who want to reduce seat height, one way is to mod the seat, althouugh suspensin ods seem to be the more common route. Are you looking at doing seat recovering as a sdie business?
  14. It willl turn up 10mins after the replacement arrivesin the post!!!!
  15. Can you post a photo of the part? If you are lucky carbs off something more comon like GSX might have th esame part.
  16. GP - Great racing, I 'm hooked on it, Hoping the racing stays close for the rest of the season. GP2- Sam made a good start, then failed to finish, improving again. GP3 - Not a good start forMcPhee!
  17. I had similar on my GSX600F, it was a bad connection on the earth lead. Some lights still worked because they found an earth path through other ways, but it wouldn't start. Test the battery with a a bulb, headlight bulb is ideal - it will draw about 4 amps which will gve it a good test. If bulb is bright for a few minutes then baterry is good. If battery is good, look fo ra bad connection. If battery is bad, you need to work out if its the battery or charging system. Charge the battery up and try it out. if it still bad then replace battery. If battery now looks good, check the voltage with engne running, should be at leasyt 14V.
  18. Take the tank off, then you should be able to see the coil packs. Best to remove the tank while fuel level is low, gets a bit heavy when full. On some bikes you need to lift the rear of the tankup to disconnect the fuel pipe, Vacuum pipe (if fitted), fuel gauge wiring ( if fitted). Sometimes you can get at hem with the tank in place. Coil packs should be simple to replace - 2 bolts, HT lead /plug cap, and the low voltage wiring. Often worth taking photos before you remove anything so you can see where parts have to go back.
  19. The notches in the clutch basket look really bad to me, particularly the center where the metal plates locate. I have seen ones with marks where the plates touch but never actual indents like that. These notches can prevent the plates moving easily which then allows the plates to seperate to prevent clutch drag. Try cleaning the faces up with a file, if you need to remove a lot of metal, then a replacement centre may be required. The outer is not too bad where the friction plates locate. I would expect that can be cleaned up with a file/abrasive. Its difficult to tell how badly worn the friction plates are from the photos. You really need to measure the thickness with a micrometer /vernier. You will need the specifcation for the thickness (new and wear limit).
  20. Have you checked the ignition timing? Points go outof setting quickly.
  21. Same here, had mine for 35 years.
  22. Mine is a bit different to a Seagull. Yamaha V4 130hp 1700cc - pushes my 17ft Fletcher to over 50mph. Gives environmentalists nightmares - about 6mpg is lucky and 2-stroke oil!
  23. I'm still having withdrawal symtoms from 2-strokes. Still got a 2-stroke outboard for summer time fixes.
  24. Theya re the ones I was tryingto remember, they get a lotof recommendations.
  25. Modern vehicles have alternators which have negative earth. If you go back to 60's and earlier you find vehicles with Dynamos, these had positive earth.
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