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  1. haaaa I googled the motorbike show camera and clicked the first result without really looking at the site name...and its this bloody place But it totally answered the question so thanks @KiwiBob
  2. DOVI IS BACK! he was a permanent fixture in my teams a few years back... but probably not this year
  3. I did not regret this! Hoggs' Hooners 1,283.5 rennie 1,247.0 SuzukiRF 968.0
  4. subbed Zarco for Marquez. Will I regret this??? tune in tomorrow to find out
  5. Congrats!!!! Just to say... I've been riding for 6 years and sometimes I have a bit of a "wobble day" so never beat yourself up if you feel you're not perfect as @SometimesSansEnginesaid its a constant learning experience and sometimes you just don't nail it but it does happen to us all and a bad day on the bike still makes me smile more than a good day in the car!!
  6. ooooh I think its gonna be a tough call this weekend... @JackieOWheelsyou putting Vinales back in??
  7. Not a huge update since the last one but @oldgrump has taken the lead! And @JRH got a good haul too and honing in on 3rd place! I imagine @mike_smith is out as we speak collecting some more tags though! OldGrump - 1460 Mike Smith - 1350 Mickly - 400 JRH - 370 Paul Kent - 230 Ian Frog - 210 Throttled - 180 JackieOwheels - 170 Stu - 90 Keeper96 - 70 Rennie - 30 TimR - 20 Husoi - 20
  8. I bought my 2001 Ninja in 2016 with just under 15k on the clock. It has over 50k and is still going OK...ish my 2008 750 i just bought has 13k on the clock (laid up since 2013) and here's the thing... BOTH OF THEM SUCKED FOR THE FIRST FEW HUNDRED MILES! Its easy to be alarmed at high milage but very low milage means occasional riders or the bike has been stored for long periods of time which comes with its own set of problems - cracked tyres, cracked rubber pipes, old fuel gunk etc My initial MPG on this one was like 30 which made me cry but giving it some longer rides out its averaged out around 50 which is much better (especially having to spend more on E5 lol) I guess my point is milage isn't the whole story. or something.
  9. sometimes I think you're rooting for Rennie to win this!!!!
  10. omg that went badly. Hoggs' Hooners 1,180.0 rennie 1,169.0 SuzukiRF 878.5
  11. Well... I didn't even consider Pol good on him he deserves a good result
  12. we just watch the highlights on quest. Iddon is having some problems isn't he! also thought it was a bit rich Andy Irwin moaning about hard passes
  13. its a tough one, I don't think its 100% going too slow per se but a mix of undue hesitation showing you're not confident mixed with bad observations of speed limit changes (or at least that's vaguely what i remember being told by my instructor!) on my test I was doing about 25 in a residential 30 but as I did speed up slightly out of the 20 showing I saw the sign and there were loads of cars and stuff the instructor said it was fine
  14. ooh well fingers crossed @Mississippi Bullfrog
  15. Did he not reply to this? how rude. What an absolute bast*rd. And so old. sooooooooo old
  16. 1 Hoggs' Hooners 1,100.0 2 rennie 1,030.5 3 SuzukiRF 811.0 Well.. it could have been worse...Rennie could have closed the gap to me
  17. if anyone claims to have predicted that they're a liar! I have no idea how mine did because my brain hasn't caught up with what the hell just happened!!
  18. my first bike was a ZX6R so as with anything just take it easy and don't get sucked in to going over your comfort zone! if you can go somewhere to try stuff on that's always good and remember you'll be hunched over slightly so make sure you feel you've got good movement. look forward to the pics when you get it!
  19. yeah I just wonder if because it was sat for so long it's gunked up somewhere. Had a little ride out this morning and some MotoGP now so will refiddle later. Nothing ever seems to be easy when I'm involved
  20. Jesus what is this the Spanish inquisition but probably 2 - 3 mins and around 5?
  21. Ha! I took that off shortly after! yeah hadn't been on the road since 2013. Only 13k miles! well...14k now
  22. Well that's not helpful its the wrong colour I know... but I love it a lot Z750
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