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  1. i took one lesson then took the test and passed .. i was already up to standard ..
  2. been there .. done that .. got the certificate .. learnt nothing ... awaits for incoming ...
  3. i lasted a year or so wit the 793 hypermotard .. lumpy power delivery .. i did change the front sprocket.. maintenance was a pita. removing the exhaust to fit the two oil filters .. and don`t get me started on timing belts .. never again..
  4. lucky to get out alive .... they harley riders for breakfast !!!
  5. so .. has this crossing been booked from a voucher ..because last years bookin was cancelled by corvid ?
  6. we go :- Dales, Moors , Lakes ,Borders or a mixture .. But you cockneys have sh1t it for decent roads haven't you ....
  7. you and every Donkey with his dog .. sat in their campervan behind a caravan .. stuck for passing lycra louts hoggin the road on their death wheels.. bein bit to perpetuity by carnivorous winged insects.. you enjoy then..
  8. why would i pay anyone so guide me round when i have a sat-nav and access to a computer ..
  9. did you turn the fuel off before you locked it up ?
  10. do you still get a little smug badge to wear at the bike meets ?
  11. Don`t take advice from the pretentious twats on the internet .. .I.
  12. niche market .. it will sell in limited numbers to the granola gobbling powder puff boys .. so they can pose outside the local gelato cafe .. Learn to pronounce
  13. the speedo unit is sealed on a guzzi .. .. anyway you can tell me how yous get on..
  14. buy and fit a sat nav... recalibrating a speedo is a fools errand .
  15. three cylinder engines .. wit a 120 crank .. are as marmite, particular to those commin from IL4 .. most love them .. but i fcukin hate them .. never again ..
  16. well .. i`ve seen some donkey dick innovations .. but this one takes the chindogu knob head 1st class award ..
  17. you do .. but not to worry .. if you don`t stop... i won`t have to put up with you..
  18. Copycat73


    highlighting the shortcomings of a misanthrope ..
  19. Copycat73


    then why fcukin post ? yes you
  20. the power supply is the weak point of a phone .. ie. water ingress and damage to connection point.. by the last comment i take it you keep your phone in your pocket and use earphones .. sounds like hard work.. incidentally ear phones are illegal in certain countries..
  21. then you should try one .. then maybe you`d be in a position to comment... but briefly .. the durability and usability of a phone is crap as a sat-nav fitted to a vehicle .. because it was never designed for that function..
  22. orienting a map with a phone .. good luck wit that one .. signposts and phone signals .. Ha ! Ha! Ha ! Ha ! Ha !
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