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  1. Hey All im not sure if anyone is aware but on sunday i moved to luton, my current house has no internet providings until mr sky man comes and fits the lovely box of internet so im currently on works PC posting (naughty) but ill be back if anyone needs to get hold of me please take my mobile number from the contacts button and giza text/call much love all Sean/Slugworth1987/Bitch
  2. thanks for the support all i got me a lil bed sit in berry park and another job which is a one day awake indirect marketing job so basicly spam and cold call every shop in luton asking if they want a new sign. cant complain really. and roy... more than likely
  3. wise words tbh i feel most bikes should be restircted for 5 years regardless so you understand how to control a bike same as a car driver should be restricted to 1.4L @ no more than 100bhp for the same amount of time.
  4. lol no the restricted CBR doesnt lack guts at all (well it probably does compared to a full powered version but I havent used one to compare it to, obviously) it gets to about 80 mph very quickly, then starts to slow a little as you get towards 90/100 and I havent had it any faster than that so dont know what the top speed is. But seriously, I've got the choice of waiting 2 years before I can have it unrestricted or spending a couple of hundred quid and waiting 3 months... I dont think many people would wait the 2 years and I certainly dont plan to lol did you pay for the restriction?
  5. does a restricted CBr600 really lack guts? its only a small time to be stuck @ 33bhp and then when you have the restriction removed it will be a whole new bike if i remember correctly a 33bhp 650 bandit top speed was 115mph on my mates so i imagine the cbr wont lack top end maybe its peek power band but do you really want to be int he high rpm range? if it was me save the cash of a DAS course and spend it on better gear/bits for the bike
  6. sounds abou tright mate air pressures will vary and temps change compression etc, i wouldnt worry to much mate if its a really bad jump then the plugs could be fouled, the jets could be fouled, the air intake could be partialy blocked, the airfilter could need changeing, the piston rings could be warn, if its dual/tripple/quad coil system then a coil could be behind on the pulse genny, the cam timeing could be a tad out, sticky valve, bad valve clearance need i go on?
  7. Linkin park - My December "> sums this up. sorry about the low quility and live verson.
  8. Hello all she will prob kill me for doing this but ah well it will be worth it. A huge congrats is due for Bex She got into uni to study Motorcycle Engineering http://www.motoeng.com/ the link is here of what she will ocomplish over 4 years, i'm so proud of her for getting in and wish her all the best i hope all will join me in this.
  9. slugworth1987

    Brake Pads

    how much!! i paid 74.78 for a full set with pnp lol
  10. slugworth1987

    Brake Pads

    love u really lol but no i know what you mean with the carbon gold series they ar every good pads and a lil bit more than the normal but i'd pay it. just remember HH are harder so its more ware on the disc its self so be careful. but my god they make a hell of a diffrence, so does having good clean fluid
  11. i'd run some masking tape over the can (round it) and mark up your line, give you something to follow.. been thinking the same thing with my quill can, about taking 2-3" out of it... http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg250/simonevans73/PIC00958.jpg now i know how to...... on urs id shorten the link pipe myself bring the can closer to the engine...
  12. slugworth1987

    Brake Pads

    you gotta ride the bike to get these issues stu
  13. http://www.dft.gov.uk/adobepdf/165240/1 ... impactspdf page 28
  14. slugworth1987

    Brake Pads

    EBC HH's on the Zephyr 550 make a hell of a diffrence but as said, they sqeak on a warm dry day, get hoter, casue unwanted vibration at hard brakeing. but on the plus side on teh A57 before a roundabout i can brake from 100mph - 20mph in less than 100 yards... with engine brakeing. worth every penny!
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