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  1. I thought my CBT was bad, I'm shocked at the way some of you poor people have been treated! Having never ridden a motorbike I was nervous and the day didn't fill me with any confidence Jacket too big, gloves were ripped on the palm and catching on the throttle the guy instructing us was a great guy, very mellow but he wasn't actually an instructor from the company, he was a friend filling in I didn't feel ready to go on the road but the other 3 did so I was talked into it, basically told I'm worrying about nothing 1 of the guys didn't have a radio in his ear as it wasn't working, so he had to follow blindly, really felt sorry for him Really couldn't get to grips with the clutch all day as I'm used to driving a car and letting the clutch pull me along with no gas, the 125 clutch just stalls the bike rather than actually takes you anywhere! I expected them to fail me but they did give me a certificate, the guy just told me to have a little practise and get used to my bike on my own before going in heavy traffic Wasn't impressed with the actual place but I don't want to namedrop incase it bounces back on me, arrogant and rude, quite intimidating when you don't know shit about bikes! When i do my full test and training I will be going somewhere else!
  2. I know I might be late but this may come in handy for someone else in the same boat Bought a brand new 125 in July 15 This was the way it went Put down deposit on a Saturday Week later went and payed the rest, agreed to have the bike delivered on the Monday ONCE he had proof of insurance He was adamant he wasn't letting me have the bike until he knew I was insured Monday morning insured the bike, e-mailed the documents and proof over to the man in the shop Unfortunately there was some admin problem to do with road tax so I had the bike delivered first thing the next morning I'm not sure whether he was being overcautious or if it's the law with regards to not letting me have the bike until I was insured but there you go
  3. Loads of the reviews for Disc locks with alarms on them say they can be set off by rain I live in Wales, there's always rain....any good ones out there that are rain proof?
  4. Thats the one that was there haha, guess I should avoid them then
  5. I have no idea I didn't ask him, if he didn't tell me that story he may have made a sale
  6. I bought one of these because someone told me the pinlock only worked if you didn't wear specs! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/29138672 ... ue&ff13=80 It's really really fiddly to get on the first time, but once you've put the helmet on and off a few times you'll forget its even there, works good for me, my glasses never fog up!
  7. I'm going to be parking my bike outside my missus's house, so I'm after a disc lock and alarm if possible I do have a chain but there's nowhere to attach it to, and when it's parked at my folks place it's in a shed, with a van parked in front of the door so pretty secure I was going to buy a disc lock / alarm from halfords but the salesman put me off (bad salesman) He said he had one and it malfunctioned one time and he couldn't turn it off (ended up riding to the beach and burying it in the sand apparently) Is this a common thing or was this just misfortune? I don't want to be a nuisance and having to dealing with one going off all the time as I have kids and there are neighbours with young children too Thanks if you can help
  8. http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1097 ... and-london Crazy Can anyone see this actually coming to fruition? Pretty long road trip!
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