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  1. Neighbours' cat bit me this morning. That's why I don't like them, they're tiny little w**kers in furry suits. Give me a dog any day. This weekend I shall be in Cornwall for a much needed holiday, then returning home where a puppy shall be bestowed upon my household. Off all next week while I try and master house-training. I suspect it'll take me a touch longer than that but frankly I don't have any annual leave left.
  2. Taken tomorrow off work so I can do moterybikering and sit on a beach. Bbq with the neighbourpals on Saturday. As little as possible on Sunday, or out on the bike again
  3. A friend visiting on Saturday, poss overnight. I need to get a pinlock insert so trip to the local bike shop at some point.
  4. Went out for a ride on Tuesday evening. Two BMWs tailgated me for miles (not at the same time), then a complete d*ck in a white Astra van tried to undertake me on a roundabout. Sigh.
  5. I had one of them! Pulls like a train, well balanced, comfy, good for serious miles but can overheat in city riding. Not easy to come by spares tho, and it's heavy. Stay upright. All good. Would also put a thumbs up for MT-09 or CB1000R. Cos that's all I've ridden lately but they are fun machines.
  6. New bike. Been a while. Honda CB1000R.
  7. I tried reading that but then I realised I was in danger of learning something and it is Friday after all. I'm on countdown to wine o'clock....currently 7pm after I've been to the gym F**K it...got to wait 5 hours!
  8. Tonight I'm flying from Monroe, Louisiana to Orlando via Atlanta. Tomorrow I shall be lying by a pool in the sunshine for a few hours then I might go shopping, or find something interesting to do locally. Sunday I have to work :-/
  9. Thanks guys Got the day off work and having a lazy day for me
  10. Downloaded a Jessie Ware album, great stuff that I've been hearing here and there. Also just got Two Door Cinema Club, Tourist History.
  11. A lot of it is to do with food production price rises. The cost of cocoa has risen enormously recently, this summer was rubbish for potato crops, also th price of wheat increased a few years ago because of a poor crop so the price of pasta etc. went up. The price of bread will rise occasionally because of the quality of the wheat crop in the UK too, I go to a site that does all the UK bakery testing for wheat, very interesting stuff! So manufacturers, and brand owners, in order to keep the price the same have made pack sizes smaller. I know it's arse about face, and makes people feel like they're getting a raw deal, but the alternative is the same pack size but much higher prices, reduces consumer choice too. I suspect the chocolate thing is also to do with the obesity crisis faced by the UK. For example, in the US they've made 32oz soft drink portions illegal in some states. You can still buy two 16oz cups though...should you feel the wish to drink more fluid than your stomach can cope with. The real issue, IMHO, is the major retailers who squeeze their supply base to such an extent that any profit they might get is wiped out, but Mr Tesco et al get richer and richer.
  12. I've got a Samsung UE40D6530 (40in LED) and I think it's great. It's smart, wifi and all that shebang. Think it's similar to joemans tv as it has a slim surround to the screen. Tesco have something similar in stock at the moment for £450 or so, looked like a bargain.
  13. Congrats! And that's a really pretty name
  14. Thunderstorms and rain here too. And it's set to go quiet after an hour or so (which can be changed) and I feed it through a dock in my bedroom. And my alarm is very loud in the morning too... I don't generally have any issues getting off to sleep, it's quite rare. I do tend to wake up a lot in the night though if I'm not in my own bed, or something's on my mind. Is there anything you can do to make the room more conducive to sleep? Some say electrical equipment can disturb sleep, so remove it from the bedroom, or stop using it an hour before sleepy time. How about a relaxing bath or shower?
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