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  1. Great forum, happy birthday, well done all the mods and admin involved in keeping it just right.
  2. Paul


    Hi Medic. Drop me a PM and I will help you with this. I would reply on here but it would inevitably end up as the usual "willy-waving" competition as so often happens on subjects like this. I have a brilliant camera, a canon 1D which cost around 5 grand and my latest lens cost a little over 1600. Having all the gear though doesn't make you an instant expert. Far from it. I will, show you some stuff from my early days, (how not to take pictures), and more recent stuff, and explain why, how and the settings I use. My degree in critical theory for photographers has helped recently but at the end of the day if you see something good then take the picture regardless what kit you use. Drop us a PM. I will help you as much as I can with this. Same for anyone else, feel free to get in touch via a PM with any questions. I will do what I can to help in any way.
  3. +1 TC GarethNW Littlecat Rebel Rach UK190 Boothy YORBANDIT Augustburnsred Devans Paul
  4. It's my long weekend so I'll be there to annoy you all
  5. Thanks all!!! I am still about but more of a lurker these days, some of you will know why, no major drama or anything just keeping a low profile! Getting better so normal service will resume shortly! Thanks again, Paul. (Gin, I need your addy )
  6. Have a look here Rach.... http://www.gumtree.com/perth-and-kinross Good luck with it all
  7. Ok, sorry about the delay here guys. Who is still up for this and I have been in touch and we need dates, well a firm date.
  8. Thank you SS, the drum kit is awesome! http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e200/pprune/IMG_2823.jpg
  9. All the best to everyone on here for a great xmas and a safe new year coming up
  10. First week of January I will post a date up and will need confirmation shortly after.
  11. Bloody hell, an actual post on topic!!
  12. All the best Kirst, have a great night tonight. xx
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