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  1. I have the Oxford Rainseal over jacket and trousers, which have never let me down through several long days of riding in horrendous conditions. Combined with goretex boots and gloves and I've stayed dry throughout. However, I am increasingly tempted with good quality textile gear, potentially goretex, to not have to worry about what happens if it rains. My 5yr old RST Paragon V kit is shower proof, but I wouldn't trust it fully in a downpour, no matter how many times I've treated it with Nikwax.
  2. Think I'm hoping for something a bit more touring orientated to be honest!
  3. Looks like Honda have a new tourer coming out. Not much in the video, but appears to be proper upright touring and full 3 piece luggage. Hopefully a shaft drive too, for those of us who are in to such things! https://youtu.be/jml_HFfWlcY
  4. That was very much my understanding of things too - so much so that I bought a belt thing that lets me zip my chino-style motorbike trousers to my daily RST Paragon V jacket. The RST jacket is 5 years old and looking a little worse for wear though, so I have been beginning to consider investing in a goretex one for the winter (and hopefully many winters to follow too!).
  5. I've already made a similar point, which was grudgingly accepted!
  6. Sounds ideal. I'm tempted at looking at the 300-400cc range, but only if they'd offer similar protection from the elements. I do have a 7 mile dual carriageway bit on the 21 mile commute, but if I knew I was doing a longer journey on bigger roads I'd just take the RT. What age/mileage was yours for £700?!
  7. Yes, very much like that. Doesn't address the "debate" which would be needed about both the cost and the principle of a second bike, but I think it would make the commuting better? Is that right, or just wishful thinking?
  8. So having flirted with a VFR1200F as a potential replacement for my 2010 R1200RT, I've bailed on making the switch. This may in part be due to my wife not wanting to discuss it when raised as a topic, because she "didn't want to spoil our anniversary with an argument"! Ultimately though, although I wasn't able to test ride it, I also wasn't sure it would be a significant enough difference to ease me through the congested filtering which is now my daily commute. I was also reminded of one of the main things I like about the RT, when riding on the motorway in torrential rain and getting home basically dry. There's a lot to be said for that when riding all year. Nevertheless, I groan inside every time the queuing traffic tightens up too much for the boat-sized RT to get through, and find myself having to stop, often to let another smaller bike carry happily on! I'm therefore thinking the solution might be a second bike for just shuttling to the office and back, and keeping the RT for the longer trips. I'll say it quietly, but... ... I'm thinking about getting a large(ish) capacity scooter.
  9. I definitely need to call the dealer then - currently booked in with Rainbow for a month's time.
  10. Oh, that is not the outcome I had expected! I'm booked with him for an annual plus 54k service in a couple of weeks - assuming I haven't P/X'd the bike before then!
  11. You need to get yourself over to see Steve: https://rainbowworkshop.co.uk/service/page-7/ Brilliant BMW mechanic and much cheaper than the dealers. Has all the computer stuff needed for BMWs too.
  12. Lateralus


    I gather the later LC versions are something of a different beast to my DOHC one, and boring is perhaps the wrong word. However, it definitely doesn't give you an exhilarating rush as it quietly but quickly gets you up to speed! Did you give up on the FJR, or did it give up on you?
  13. Lateralus


    Hi all. At what point does a lapsed member become a newbie again?! I've been riding for nearly 5 years now, and had some phenomenal help from here when first getting started. Indeed, I still have the toolkit I received from TMBF secret Santa! I've owned a Honda CBF600S, Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport, and spent the last 3 years on a 2010 R1200RT which is used daily for commuting (and occasionally even for recreational rides and touring!). Competent as the RT is, it's not the most exciting of bikes, and a recent house move means my new commute takes me the full length of Nottingham's ring road twice a day, where the boat-sized dimensions mean I often get stuck much earlier than smaller bikes. As such, I now find myself actively investigating a Honda VFR1200F which is for sale locally! It has a large top-box, shaft drive and (hopefully) reasonable weather protection, and is much narrower, so ticks all the practicality boxes. Completely unrelated to a recent spin on a mate's KTM 1290 Adventure S, the VFR also has 160bhp, neither of which are in any way related to the fact that I'm now bike shopping! Anyway, hello again!
  14. bring em along I could try! Took my Dad out once, which he said he was glad to have done, but doesn't feel any need to do it again! More likely I'll bring Mrs Lat, and my parents can look after the boy!
  15. Only about 15 minutes from my house, but my parents are visiting that weekend so I very possibly can't attend!
  16. Nearly came a cropper the other day - tried counter-steering whilst also waving to a Deliveroo rider going the other direction whilst approaching a junction. My flipflops got caught in the gear shifter whilst clutchlessly down-shifting and I almost overran the advanced stop-line in the cycle box at the lights. Was that whilst wearing your shorts and t-shirt? Obviously. Who wears flip-flops with their textiles?!
  17. Nearly came a cropper the other day - tried counter-steering whilst also waving to a Deliveroo rider going the other direction whilst approaching a junction. My flipflops got caught in the gear shifter whilst clutchlessly down-shifting and I almost overran the advanced stop-line in the cycle box at the lights.
  18. My nomination is the nob in a Mercedes trying desperately to force his way through rush hour traffic into Leicester on Friday evening. He kept diving between lanes, forcing himself into gaps which weren't really there, and generally driving like an idiot. Having been cut up once, I bimbled merrily along behind him, until we all reached a great big long queue on a stretch of dual carriageway. With the traffic stationary and him firmly sat in his lane, I filtered all the way to the front, getting there just as the lights turned green. I then pulled in at a garage about 100m past the lights as I needed to refuel. Having done that, I carried on my way, passing the same idiot at the next set of lights, stuck in his queue in impotent rage. Being the nice man I am, I waved as I went past again.
  19. I'd be really keen on one of those, of only it would go over a top box too, but I'm sure mine wouldn't fit.
  20. Gumtree/eBay. Bought a few bits and bobs that way and got some great bargains. Personally I like riding in my RST jeans and either my fully mesh or thin textile jacket when it's hot, but a decent long-sleeved base layer makes all the difference for comfort.
  21. Sorry to have missed you all today. The only time I sat down between 10 and 7 was in the car going to the tip! On the other hand, the bathroom is nearly done, with ceiling and coving painting all finished, and a first coat on the walls.
  22. It'll be a biker place once we all turn up! ...although it's looking increasingly likely that I won't, in fact, be able to turn up. All depends on when the bathroom install is finished, and therefore when I need to paint it.
  23. Oooh, just seen this. Officially I'm doing DIY stuff this weekend, and riding up to Glossop to pick up an exhaust on Saturday, but depending on Stuff and Things I may try to pop down and say hello! Meeting there at 12ish?
  24. Not of the precise match, but to be honest I'm not sure YouTube videos are that useful for exhaust sound!
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