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  1. Nice time to bring bike out Up for it Zacharia?
  2. Hey all Just wandering if anyone is around the Bradford area Who's up for rides I've got a gsxr 750, recently passed, would be huge buzz to be with another rider(s) Thanks Asad
  3. Yh Almax comes frequently when looking up on the internet.. Might just go with Almax altogether both chain and lock What do you reckon?
  4. Hi guys I'm about order a ground anchor (Oxford 440) can anyone recommend a chain that'll work well with it and a good one for a bike??
  5. Well it has to be done, otherwise don't bother riding
  6. Not touched the bike at all Will have a look Thanks
  7. Hi guys, my 125 fuel gauge isn't working and I've got half a tank of petrol in. Any ideas what it could be?
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