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  1. Oh bollix. We were with Shell Energy before they messed us about so I switched to Green. Just heard that now Green have gone bust we've been signed up with Shell again.
  2. I don't think my wife's car would hold £50 even from empty.
  3. I believe this to be true. Where we used to live the council introduced 20mph speed zones but then ran cycle races through them. I pointed out that the cyclists were bound to be travelling at more than 20mph in a race - the council's reply was that speed limits do not apply to pedal bikes. It was still stupid to have cars limited to 20mph with cyclists running a race on the same roads. But councils aren't noted for using their common sense.
  4. I went there once on a ride round the island. It seemed to be a bit of a dump. Hope you're not suffering this morning.
  5. Reminds me of a mate who did something similar and then found his filtering got a wee bit more interesting.
  6. I came back from a run with the fuel light glowing malevolently on the display. The usual place was out of fuel so I pushed on a bit further and was relieved to find petrol available. It seems the light was not misleading, it is a 9 litre tank. It took 8.95 litres to fill it. I reckon I didn't have a lot left in reserve.
  7. Not another thread about E10 - but I was out today and our usual petrol station was closed due to lack of fuel. We managed to fuel up down the road but there were big queues. On the ride we came across several traffic jams all caused by queues building up on roads near petrol stations. I know the government are saying there isn't a problem and people should buy petrol normally but clearly the great British public is remembering the shortage of bog rolls and panic has set in. So now there is a shortage of petrol. What makes me mad is the filling stations who have hiked the prices up - one place was at £1.47 for unleaded.
  8. A 2013 bike that hasn't been used for three years is still a 2013 bike in most respects. You need to check the mileage and service record the same as any bike. Things that will need replacing due to age / lack of use - fuel, battery, brake fluid, tyres, coolant. I would change the oil and filter as a matter of course. Much depends on how it has been stored. If it's been kept dry that's good news. Look inside the fuel tank for signs of rust or crap, best to sort those out before you try starting it as anything in there will just get into the fuel injection system and then you've got bigger problems. Check the brakes work, the wheel bearings are ok, the suspension moves as it should. Look for signs of vermin chewing anything - hoses and wiring can suffer from rodent damage. Check the electrics all work. Take a look at the chain, any tight links or signs that the chain and sprockets are worn means replacement. Check the clutch isn't seized, less likely with bikes than cars but they can stick if not used for a long time.
  9. Let's go to the Peak District for brekky, the weather forecast is lovely. Except when we got there is was foggy and raining.
  10. My Honda runs fine on E10. The Triumph is also fine. In fact it seems to run better on E10 than premium E5.
  11. When a colleague got it she asked about her husband. Her doctor said rates of transmission between partners was very low. Yet members of our wider family went out to a pub, all four got it. One died, one was in intensive care for a fortnight, the other two were fairly mild. It's very unpredictable.
  12. In which case I don't see a problem. Any bike can harm you if you do something stupid. But if you can handle a 250 dirt bike you know the score.
  13. Honda have some helpful advice for those running outboard engines. Buy a new engine.
  14. I was with Shell since they took over First Utility. They made a total hash of our bills last year so this year I switched to Green. I foresee the few companies left being overwhelmed and customer service being worse than ever.
  15. Just to add to the fun our energy supplier went bust yesterday. So all the work I'd done looking for a cheaper deal was wasted. We'll probably end up paying through the nose now.
  16. Personally I think buying a project to get some hands on experience working on bikes is a brilliant idea. If you're in the USA I've no idea what the rules are for learners but really that's not the point. When you get to that stage you'll just have to follow local procedures. Obviously if you want to test your repaired bike it will need to be off the public highway but you could trailer it somewhere. Get someone who has experience to guide you and just take it sensibly. Wear the right gear. In my experience someone who has just restored a project isn't likely to go mad with it because you'll just destroy all you hard work. My first ride was around private land and I fell off, but I wasn't going mad and no harm was done. It's a steep learning curve.
  17. The 70's were certainly different. For example you could bring a hand grenade into your physics class without getting expelled or the media going mad. It was the only time we saw the physics teacher move with any speed. The hand grenade was one of six found in a shoe box in a shed. They were handed in over the counter at the local police station. Five turned out to be live and were taken away to be blown up. A nice policeman brought the sixth one back as it was a dud. I can't see that happening today.
  18. Sounds like the sprocket has come loose or the splines on the shaft have stripped. A photo might help. I'm guessing you've checked the tightness of the retainer?
  19. Joyous felicitations to you both. Hope it's a great day.
  20. A mate has a CB300R, he showed me the filler hole which is smaller than the diameter of a fuel pump nozzle. So he has to hold the nozzle over the filler and dribble fuel in. A bit of a daft design.
  21. We have coffee at Rhug. Bala is our ice cream stop. Watch out for the speed van hiding behind the wall outside the police station in Bala.
  22. Turn the key or pressing the starter switch? If you're getting the usual dash lights when turning the ignition on but nothing when you hit the starter - and it's cut out whilst running - it could be a break in the loom or a bad switch - eg kill switch / side stand switch?
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