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  1. Simular mileage too then! Yours looks a nicer example I must say, enjoy
  2. Same bike and model year as my first bike you paid only £100 more, I'm curious what the mileage on it is?
  3. Just watched that too, Physics over my head too generally but he always seems to make it sound convincing. Made me realise I'd seen quite a few 'expert police rider' videos where they race a harley or something at break-neck speed around an assault course and failed to notice they were counter-leaning!
  4. Fair enough, although why did you continue on and get the certificate, if you felt weren't learning anything?
  5. The retake idea seems sensible, do you find your riding has drifted away from the RoSPA 'style' as it were in the 3 years? I'm curious as to how it differs from IAM too, I know IAM is based on the Police roadcraft handbook.
  6. I went out yesterday evening for a 'taster' ride with an observer from TVAM (Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists). We were out for about 90 mins, first a chat about the IAM roadsmart program, then followed him for a bit and then he followed me and then gave some feedback on my riding. I wasn't sure what to expect but the chap was very friendly and not pompous about 'Advanced' riding, I think I'll probably join with the aim of improving my riding and getting out more on the bike in general (he did say we will always be encouraging you to ride). Has anyone else been through the IAM or ROSPA process? Or currently going through it? Any thoughts?
  7. Yesterday evening, I hear lots of scraping noises outside our front window, then my bike alarm goes off, I go outside and a woman has forced her way past my car (parked close to the wall dividing our drive from the neighbour's, to allow the other flat space to park on the left) and is now hacking away at a buddlea bush growing out of the wall where it meets the house.. piling up all the branches beside but mostly on my car, and barging my motorbike as she's doing it (which is parked right in front of the car). Apparently she was our property agent's mum, neighbour had complained this bush was blocking light to her window.. so why didn't she at least knock so I could move the car & bike!?
  8. I can't imagine it will stop at this level, before too long speed limits will in fact be hard limits enforced by technology I'm not a reckless speed demon but still, not looking forward to that. I know others will argue anything that reduces road accidents is a good thing, but I'm willing to bet most of those people view driving as necessary rather than a pleasure. Far too Orwellian for my taste.
  9. Visordown article Key points as far as I can see: Automatic speed limiters to be fitted on all new cars etc. from next year. No requirement to retrofit older vehicles. Currently only for cars/lorries not bikes (suggests that bikes are likely to follow though, and this would make sense) In the EU: engine power will be limited electronically automatically to prevent exceeding speed limit. Can still override with firm push of accelerator. In UK: limiter will "give drivers feedback when the speed limit is exceeded rather than limiting the speed” Dataloggers and other tech to also be mandatory, so if you do exceed limits expect to be found out if you're involved in an incident.. ETSC say that traffic collisions will reduce by 30 per cent, and 25,000 lives will be saved in the first 15 years of coming into force. So you could say, well that's not really a limiter is it.. but this is stage 1, I think realistically it won't be too long before the limiters are not able to be overridden or switched off. Any thoughts?
  10. Have to agree with that, I've seen some ludicrous prices asked in the motorbikes for sale Facebook group I'm in. Sick and tired of '..now going up in value, future classic..' for some ropey old zxr600 etc. xD
  11. Sorry it came back in such a state Although I was glad to have my scooter recovered (thieves dumped it because they couldn't bypass the immobiliser I think), still the cost to retrieve it and fix it was hundreds of pounds, whilst the thieves were never caught..
  12. I have been that person not wearing full gear when doing deliveries on my scooter, you know it's not wise but the alternative appears to be heatstroke However the times I've come off I've been very grateful to be wearing full gear!
  13. I'm not disputing this, just curious - why? If the tech exists for car engines to adapt to different RON ratings, could it not be used in motorcycle engines?
  14. Yes but what are the sales figures like I guess I'm thinking a substantial proportion of bikers just won't want to swap, it's kind of anathema to the whole image, the quiet whine of an electric motor instead of a throbbing v-twin etc.
  15. You'd hope bike manufacturers are spending this time wisely and investing in improving battery technology. Still can you imagine all-electric Harleys? Ducatis? Can't help but feel it really is the beginning of the end, all we'll have left will be electric scooters
  16. It sounded vaguely plausible but I always assumed they just don't have many bike vans, given we make up about 1% of road users it wouldn't be economical when you can strap a bike to a car truck easily enough.
  17. I had to call green flag not long ago, the guy that turned up with a regular car truck and was griping about how they never send out proper bike vans.. apparently the management like to keep those for themselves to cart their own bikes about to track days
  18. ..seller has suggested using OFX.com as we are unable to meet in person to make the sale or view the bike. That there is enough info to tell you it's a scam.
  19. (Very late) Happy Birthday @Bender! hope you had a good one
  20. Happy Birthday @Stu! Hope you had a good one
  21. Nice Bike @Stu, congrats!
  22. Hard to say at the moment as I'm still running it in, but yes it doesn't have the top end power of a supersports. I'm hoping the extra grunt low/mid range will be satisfying enough for road riding
  23. Can't deny triples are great, how are you finding your beast now you've had it a bit longer?
  24. I chopped in my old gsxr 600 for a new Yamaha Tracer 700, rode up to Chorley on the suzuki and back on the tracer, 440 miles all in! First impressions are good, plenty of torque, although it's going to take a while to get used to a twin after an inline four. Looking forward to putting some more miles on it this summer
  25. He is saying that the guidance in the owner's manual is wrong, generally. Although that would appear to make no sense on the face of it.
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