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  1. Yes. Here they’re fully booked, for the most part by schools who, anticipating a backlog of learners have block booked. And are now roping in new riders to do the course with the test dates already arranged. Best thing is to call the local schools and see if they have tests spots ready to fill.
  2. Do your CBT and only then consider the next step. I would always advise against the 125 for a year route. Think about the direct access course as a full license will open up a whole swathe of choices. You could still go for a 125, but without L plates or move up a notch or two. There are plenty of 250/300cc bikes that would suit your stature and give you much more options as your experience grows.
  3. I blame Cameron. And Brexit and car drivers and petrol companies and Covid and I'm really quite unforgiving when it comes to the choice between Red and Brown sauce on a bacon sandwich. you would think old age and riding a Honda would make me more forgiving....
  4. the greedy bast*rds that irritate me the most isn't YT. plenty of YT content with zero ads. its the content creators.. some of them. the worst are the freeloaders, the type who will 'copy' some TV programme and then fill it with ads.. especially that worst type that are unstoppable with no 'skip after' button. I tend to block these "creators" out of hand.. though they soon disappear after being flagged for copyright infringement. I'm currently not bothered enough by ads to want to pay for the ad-free service. that may change at some point, but for now its just a minor
  5. A bike Ive already owned, Bought new in 1995. The original Speed Triple. A time when Triumphs entire range consisted of 10 models.
  6. Ive always been a fan of Tsubaki chains.. and here is a simple answer for you. Full kit, all standard for the bike. £114 less the discount they give to members of this forum. https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/184677?gclid=Cj0KCQjwzYGGBhCTARIsAHdMTQw1WC_XUea2KCRMa4FzPALHpzQyIv4O3v6BYJquXIQBztUzz0tH1Y8aAkbCEALw_wcB .
  7. I haven't given up all hope. yet. The Schloss know the situation but have not asked me anything about cancelling, Im not expecting them to unless or until they are approached for a booking for our week in which case I think its only fair to cancel at that point. Which I will do. Then there is the possibility of going to France, this might be the more likely outcome. A mad autoroute dash east from the Tunnel to the Vosges on the Sunday, 4 days there and then a slightly more relaxed ride back to Calais over 2 days. Perhaps returning to the Municipal site at Eperney for the overnight o
  8. Which is almost exactly what 'running in' a new bike involves. nothing special. Almost word for word how 'running in' is described in the owners manual for my bike. .
  9. A chipped tooth is a dead giveaway. So is a complete lack of adjustment which might be because it wasn’t included or the various adjusters don’t move. You can also look at the age of the bike and it’s miles and then think is the suspension original… in budget or even mid level bikes original usually means cheap with a short lifespan. The problem is the degradation is usually slow and can happen without the original owner even noticing. In the vast majority of cases upgrading the suspension can be the best thing you can do for any bike… even some brand new ones.
  10. You are already at an advantage over many 'new starters' as most will never have ridden any kind of two wheeled vehicle before.. some not even a bicycle. Getting used to the gears is always tricky at the very start.. but it soon clicks into place. A week course should be more than enough for the basics.. it will probably be in your best interests to mention this perceived problem (with gears) to the instructor from the get-go. I went the other way, after almost 30 years of geared bikes I made the change to an "auto" gear box.. its not quite the same as your scooters, but was j
  11. “Kennel cough” is a generic term for the symptoms and not strictly speaking an actual disease. The vaccine is aimed specifically at the Bacterial cause of the disease. If a dog has been vaccinated against this bacterium and then later develops classic kennel cough symptoms then…. It’s time to freak out and make an emergency appointment with a vet. Any decent vet would want to see that dog immediately. Same day.
  12. Now I remember why I'm not too bothered about a £20 vaccination.
  13. Had both mine and now looking forward to a booster, which I'm expecting will be offered in September or thereafter. .
  14. Kawasaki W800 for the classic retro look in a modern package at a good price and there are plenty of them below your budget. at your budget will buy you a late low miles 'minter'. I would advise against the herald. Even if you set aside a catastrophic loss of value just by buying one - its pretty certain you will have difficulty finding any reputable garage that will want to touch it when it needs a service. .
  15. No. Last years trip wasn’t cancelled, though in the event it was just me and I went on a recce to the Dolomites.
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