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  1. It depends on how the screws fit. whether or not they are independent of the covers actual seal. most are in my experience. but its something you should check. If they are then it won't be a problem until you can get the correct screws that are better looking and don't stand proud.
  2. You’re worrying too much. It will be fine. If the engine starts then that’s all you need for The run to your friends which will be great for warming up the oil before you change it.
  3. It changed with the 1200. prior to that they had 4 x 18mm.
  4. Ive always either used bank transfer for cash for buying second hand bikes, Did so for the K1200GT (BT) F800S (BT) my second GS (BT) all previous bikes were pre internet and so bought with cash, The charges for PayPal transfers fall on the seller and they usually balk at that. .
  5. Perhaps its ability to absorb water is a bit of red herring as problems go. Absorbing water isn't the problem, its if the water separates out then that could lead to problems over the very long term. absorbing water from the atmosphere within a fuel tank won't amount to much... drops. (or drips) if that as the fuel will be covered with a layer of vapour which will go some way to preventing atmospheric air from getting into the tank to any great extent. Its why tanks have breather hoses.. this is mainly about allowing vapour to escape as the tank heats up in the sunlight. I used to dose my tank on my old GS with Wynns Dry Fuel every spring.. this caused any water trapped at the bottom of the fuel tank, under the petrol to be homogenised into the petrol and then be burnt off under combustion, it also had a side effect of being a very effective injector cleaner.
  6. Makes me wonder how the French have dealt with this since E10 became standard in all 24/24 stations they have been using it since 2009. Thinking back I don't recall much of a fuss on the BMW forums that I was a member of at the time.. where many of the owners were riding bikes from the 1980s and earlier. My guess is we will soon see the after market parts suppliers jumping in to provide parts to future proof vehicle of this age. I would be keeping an eye on the parts retailers. Or contact them and see what is already available.
  7. Do you have an iPhone attached to you bike when riding?
  8. Apple are recommending you do not use an affected phone on anything but a low capacity bike like a scooter and only then if you have a vibration damping mount. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212803
  9. He is about to go up in the world and acquire a GS!! and may possibly be riding it to the Dolomites next year. That should be a laugh a minute. Though where he will strap the step ladder remains to be seen.
  10. From my point of view Im surrounded by them!!
  11. well.. as this thread has gone off the rails so early. Its as good a place as any to post a photo of a random foodstuff. Which if you ever taste will have you leaning over anything handy, like a counter and being rather unwell in a dramatic fashion. (with sound effects)
  12. Recovering as well as contemplating revenge for this sticker that has magically and mysteriously appeared on my left hand side ice bucket.
  13. Meanwhile…. (Hic) ive been forced to take steps….
  14. E10 doesn’t seem to be a thing in Ireland, not seen it at any fuel stop, big brand or independent.
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