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    Magnet or a piece of rubber pipe
  2. The main reason I don't want another pet, had cats before and fortunately were lucky with visits to the vet's. A guy at work had a cat that ate the bloodied mat in the bottom of a meat tray, cost him over a grand for the operation. Cat died naturally about 18 months later....
  3. A bus driver in Rugby last night who decided to try and overtake a group of cyclists around a bend and across a pelican crossing. A car came the other way and the bus had to bail almost taking out the rear cyclists, the approaching car then had to drive on the path to avoid him. He then halted at a bus stop less than 100 yds later which would have made his overtake pointless.
  4. A faulty injector makes sense. If you want to get it cleaned professionally , I've used this company before. https://www.asnu.com/
  5. While having a sort out in the loft I found all the handbooks, manuals and other literature I've got about it. Magazine is a test carried out in 1968. Also found the rather nifty leather goggles the previous owner gave me.
  6. Do you mean in any gear or just top?
  7. Bianco2564

    Running on 3

    When did you take the carbs apart, before or after it started running rough? From what I can tell the diaphragm and slide are all one piece, is that correct? What makes you think its a little worn, the diaphragm rubber needs to be perfect with no splits or perishing or it will not work. If the slide has some signs of rubbing where it moves in the carb, I'd say that's normal, obviously there are limits. When you say both need replacing, both what, there is only one diaphragm per carb? Looked at cmsnl and there are different letters aswell as the last number from a 97 to 99 model, so unlikely they are compatible. The volt meter should read around 14.5 when running and 12.5 when switched off, Did you check for a good spark ?
  8. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/coronavirus-booster-vaccine/ My 2nd jab was 29th April so anytime soon for me.
  9. 6 months from your 2nd jab according to nhs
  10. It's a 2003 Honda Silverwing non abs model, had 49k miles on it. Was a cat N at some point, fell off its stand and cracked a load of bodywork. Got it off ebay, didn't make its reserve so made the guy a sensible offer. Talking of tyres, taken a while to find a decent brand for the rear that doesn't wear out quickly, runs a Bridgestone Hoop. Since I've owned it I've carried out these repairs and maintenance. Oil &filter twice Spark plugs Air filter Fork seals and oil One rear shock due to corrosion Both brake calipers Both sets of pads at least twice Front wheel due to loose bearing in the housing. Battery X2 front tyres X4 rear tyres
  11. I use mine totally for the commute 27 miles each way, done over 15000miles on it in the 2.5 years I've owned it. It's narrow enough to squeeze through traffic and enough power to see off most normal cars from standing, dead easy to ride thru traffic. The leg guards and screen offer good weather protection, I use it all year except during ice or snow. Only criticism is its not very economical for its power output, a mere 50hp and it only does around 50mpg at best. If my commute was shorter or in more urban areas I'd go for a 400cc. It makes sense to me to own a workhorse like this, all my other bikes and car fall into the classic Sunday toy status so don't really get used to go to work except on the odd dry day. I only paid £700 for it, insurance and tax are negligible. Not fussed if it gets damaged, dirty or rained on and relaxed about its security at home and work.
  12. Hello and welcome. Few things I'd look at. Check the valve clearances, you may have oversped the engine and run into valve float. Check valve timing in case its jumped a tooth. Do a compression check to check for any valve to piston contact. Did the oil light come on while going down the hill? If it was so steep the oil pickup may have become uncovered especially if the oil level is low. Assume this was an attempt to see how fast it will go? Normally going down a steep hill requires a lower gear to control your speed. Not judging, we have all done it.
  13. Completely correct, the main point of higher octane fuel is for knock prevention allowing you to advance the ignition timing to gain power.
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