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  1. Saw this on the way home near Rugby. Couldn't tell if it touched the ground to officially be a tornado as it was too far away. Still an amazing sight though, never seen one before.
  2. Bianco2564


    And when I were a lad I used to ride in the back seat of my Dads Hillman Hunter stood on the transmission tunnel holding onto the front seats. Any kind of crash and I would have gone straight through the screen along with Mum and Dad as no one wore seat belts.
  3. Just done my first 5k parkrun, around 33mins and ran all the way.
  4. @Trooper74, I think I prefered your thoughts on covid than this topic....
  5. We had two positive cases at work and another pinged on track and trace over the weekend, all from the same department. They had relaxed the mask wearing if you could keep 2m from anyone but have gone back on that and will bring in twice weekly lateral flow tests.
  6. As its inline with the main jet its likely to be the air bleed to the main jet emulsion tube.
  7. Yes but the 98% probably didn't catch the cause of their death by talking to a family member, someone at work or the pub. If preventing some of the 2% of deaths is achievable with risk management, i.e. masks,gel etc, its worth doing. You caught it and survived , not everyone is so fortunate. Have a safe ride and hope the granddaughter enjoys it, I can't wait to take my #1grandson out when he is big enough.
  8. And they all have a crystal ball telling them they won't get ill if they do catch it? Presumably the 107 people who were admitted into hospital today thought they would be ok too.
  9. Is it me or is that some rough soldering with a hole drilled in it? Where on the carb is that?
  10. Thanks. There are a few bits I want to tackle although ok for now. I had the tank, mudguards and headlight housing painted over 20 years ago, they are starting to show their age in a few places. The original rear shocks were totally shot and I can't find any new so had to go for something that was the right dimensions, however I don't think they look right. The original are shrouded on the top half and should be painted red.
  11. Changed the fake chrome painted points cover for a nice shiny aluminium one. Also replaced the LH spark plug cap for a longer angled version due to the new coil leads being too short for the original ones to click on properly.
  12. Don't accept the AA putting up your premium, I have the same thing every year. Tell them you are going to join the RAC as they do introductory offers, I've done this several times and the AA always do it for the same price as a new member.
  13. Had the usual run around with my car insurance this week. Got my renewal from Carole Nash, went from just over £200 to £286 with no change of car, drivers or cover. Did a meerkat search and could get the same cover with only a slight increase in voluntary excess with RAC for £146. Rang CN and asked if they could do any better, just one minute later it could be dropped to £199, still not good enough. Said I'm probably going to cancel and will get back to them. Rang the RAC and they pulled the quote out, yep all good but then I remembered my start date was 6 days earlier than I'd put down so I told him, he put the new date in and said it would be another £15, wtf? He said it was a change of risk?? I said I'd check again online, so went back to meerkat, put the new date in and the price with the RAC was exactly the same as the previous online quote. Rang them back and went ahead with the 2nd quote. All a bit of a drag but basically halved what I could have paid CN if I'd just let it run.
  14. Hello and welcome. Good to another 2 stroke on here, I've got two. The leak does look like its coming from the hoses, most likely they are aged and hardened. The spring clips look correct, I have the same on my RGV.
  15. @linuxrob The VJMC main rally is members only I think , I let my membership lapse, it was either VJMC or TMBF who i suscribed to and I felt like I got more out of this forum. Fired it up again yesterday to show #1grandson and it went first kick, he even commented on how well it started.
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