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  1. Hi folks, long time lurker, rare poster I’m just having my bike serviced ready for the year (it’s been used over winter but rarely due to the beerbug and I have been wanting to do a special trip this year. I finally decided that I want to go watch the sunrise in Scarborough (on the sea wall on marine drive to be specific) assuming lockdown is lifted enough to allow it and assuming it’s going to be a clear morning I am going to go on Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th I’ll plan to get there at 4am does anyone else fancy coming to see it? I did it in 2019 and I just liked sitting on the sea wall and listening to waves and watching the sunrise. just in case we have any overseas folks I mean Scarborough in Yorkshire, in the UK.
  2. Hey folks, Need some advice, this winter I’m going to be using the bike for commuting (it wasn’t planned but after my old place Of work went under) and my older gear is wearing a bit thin but I need it to last into the new year before I can replace it. I’ve been looking at waterproofing sprays as my gear leaks after a few minutes in the rain. Can anyone recommend any or any methords they use to waterproof during the winter? Thanks in advance
  3. Ok but this isn’t helping me find out what is wrong with the ABS
  4. I didn’t push them or they were in situ but I removed most of the grime on all the calliper not just the pistons
  5. Hey folks I have a 2010 XJ6 Div F ABS and in the last two weeks I’ve had a odd issue with the ABS light and system, it started out as the light flashing randomly it would start and stop flashing at random with no discernable pattern to it. After a few days the light would turn solid and only reset if I turned the bike itself off. To note the ABS disables it’s self when the light comes on either flashing or not. However now the fault occurs whenever the bike goes above 45mph, I took the bike out for over an hour round york (inside the ring road and below 45) and the light didn’t flash or go solid at all, however as within a minute of going over 45 it comes on solid and won’t go off until I turn the bike off. Has anyone had this issue. I’ve jet washed the bikes brakes to clear off muck and gunk then lubed up the pistons and made sure all 3 (2 front 1 back) sets of pads retract from the disc when you release the brakes and that are all working fine. Transit sent to think it’s a faulty sensor or faulty abs unit which could be very expensive. Has anyone got any ideas???
  6. I've been riding for years and this is the first time I've ever noticed it or actually done it, it freaked me out! For the record I don't intend to do it normally but was worried I had buggered the clutch Thank you for he quick answer though
  7. Hey folks This could sound really daft and for that I apologise But on a Yamaha xj6 is it possible to shift gears without using the clutch without damaging it and the gearbox? I was riding to work and as I was about to change gear normally lower throttle>depress clutch>go up a gear my fingers slipped of the clutch lever before I depressed it but still managed to change gear, I tried it a couple more times and it will allow me to go up or down gear as long as I'm not using the throttle, is that normal??? I'm worried something is wrong with the bike again!
  8. Hey guys thanks for the advice I really appreciate it, I'm going to get a place in York to do it for me, as it's getting a service and it's clutch replaced as well as it's about due. I have cleaned off the oil that was on it and it weeps a little each day I use it (I commute on it) but I've got a degreaser to the brake calliper and disk and wrapped a clothed around the fork to hopefully stop any getting down until it goes in next week. Again thank you for the help
  9. Thanks for the info guys, this isn't a job I'm comfortable doing myself so got her booked in, can I ask will the weeping cause any problems with the suspension getting softer and or bending if only the right one is working??? I've not seen any issues or noticed it getting softer
  10. Hey folks Need your help guys, I have just discovered the front left fork on my Yamaha XJ6 is weeping, not massively but enough to leave the tube shiny and a ring of oil on the rubber top seal, does anything happen to know what the likely cost of this is going to be??? Thanks in advance
  11. Hey folks I'm asking more questions again, During the winter I clean the bikes chain off and re lube it once I week ( I use the bike for commuting 250 miles a week) however as the winter has gone on several links in the chain have seized started off with one being stiff which I have extra attention to however over Christmas they have started the seize almost solid, i can free them using brute force and GT85 and degreaser but they some stiffen up again before the week is out. Does anyone have any tips or tricks I can use to free them up The chain is due to be replaced at the end of the winter (end of march time) btw but want to change it after they stop gritting the road every day Thank you in advance folks Any idea welcome
  12. Hey folks, another quick two questions, First off A couple of weeks ago I noticed when I started the bike from "stone" cold (switched off for several hours) the engine would give off a odd rattle/knocking sound but for only a few seconds and only when dead cold, I noticed the oil was low so topped it back off and it seems to have stopped it except when the bike isn't run over weekends, could it just be the oil has settled and is being flushed Round? The engine has done around 26k and been serviced regularly by a dealer at either 4K or 6k miles and has been an outstanding runner. Secondly I've noticed for a long time the bikes clutch has a tendency to "drag" in first gear I.e. If I'm at a stop light and lift my feet the bike will creep forward ever so slowly but I can't easily stop it with my feet without any problems or a drop in RPM on the engine (stays solidly at 1k) however if the bike is in neutral or a higher gear then the clutch doesn't drag at all. Is this a common thing? the dealer I have the bike serviced at says they can't see anything wrong with it but said if I want they can remove the clutch to inspect it but I don't want to unless I have too Any ideas on these two would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Bike is a Yamaha XJ6 Div F ABS 2010
  13. Thank you very much! One last question if I may, does anyone know where I can buy the kits at a good price? Or the parts?
  14. Are the worth it? Plus cause I ride all year to work salt becomes a big problem right now the old chain has a seized link in it ( any advice on that?)
  15. Hey folks, I need some advice on chains and sprockets, I have a Yamaha XJ6 Dirversion F 2010 which is a daily rider (even in bad weather as I only have a bike license) and it's coming Round to needing a new chain and sprockets, this set had done around 8K miles but I would like to know what are the best makes of chains and sprockets and what chain lube people use. I use the extreme lube you get at Halfords cause I got through a lot of it as I clean it once a week. So without spending hundred upon hundreds of pounds what are the most cost effective and long lasting chains and sprockets and what lube would people suggest (also has to be easily purchasable and again not costing an arm and leg per can) Thank you in advance folks
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