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  1. "This morning I watched water starting to boil in a plug-in glass kettle"
  2. I've changed my mind seeing that photo. With that level of talent he should be held in very high regard. Exactly the kind of person we need to populate a terraformed planet to replace landfill Earth. I only hope he'll live long enough to spunk his beans up a willing moon donor or maybe just over Bransons beard.
  3. Talentless hack should have been fired towards the sun in the bezos vanity cock.
  4. Your amygdala is playing up. Distract it. Get up to speed and try reciting your phone number backwards.
  5. Ride it. Often get nice dry sunny days. Wrap up warm and get out and about.
  6. Cruise up to the queue, pop a cap in everyone on your way past. Ride up to pump, fill up, rip pump off leaving fuel pouring out. Pull out Zippo lighter that says 'Saddam mad ass' on it. Light cigar, ride off and hurl lighter behind you, sending the whole place to hell you dirty rascals. That's what I do anyway. Did it today down Tesco earlier, then realised I forgot to get washing up liquid. Could have got some at the local shop but they don't have fairy and it's the only one I use with my sensitive skin.
  7. I agree, that number 5 wheelie bin at the back there should be treasured.
  8. Just part of the current role, not sure exactly, multi-spectral imaging of forest or summit. Not sure they are sure.
  9. Evenin. Been doing drone flying training this week. Didn't realise it was all taken so seriously these days, I testing though. Meant to be flying them next two days but postponed due to Shitey weather.
  10. Me, for asking you where was the last place you had it?
  11. Have had some use but loads of life in them . £185 new so how about £100 posted or £90 collected.
  12. Where be that? long queues in the diss area, and rationed to £20 per person at one station.
  13. Our supplier looks like it's on its way out as well.
  14. I was told of someone round these parts making cider; somehow a dead sheep ended up in it and the drips from the cask dissolved the stone floor. Probably not true but sounds fun anyway.
  15. Somewhere like hideout leathers in Essex might be able to adjust or alter?
  16. Can't help you Pete, but sounds a great project.
  17. Cake and ice-cream, a finer reason to go somewhere I can't think of.
  18. Happy birthday old bean
  19. First race is Mallory park, not sure exact dates. @bonio booked up already!! Come to think I'm meant to go to a wedding in Spain in April but the groom will probably be kicked out by then so should be fine. I'll try and come up with some vague plans and keep an eye out for a c90
  20. Yeah, back in Walsall today, was about 3 hours to get here with the heavy rain. Just a dull route. I remember the days of the single carriageway at eleveden as well, was definitely rubbish. Have been around pelsall and rushall today. Not too bad. Back home Thursday which I'm looking forward to.
  21. Is it just kickstart or does it have an electric start? When you try and start it what happens if anything? Does it sound like it's trying to start or us it just completely dead?
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