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  1. Apologies if there's any previous threads on this, I've searched but can't find anything. So I've left my bike standing for a while and before getting it back out on the road I've drained/replaced fluids, sorted valve clearances, service stuff etc.. But, while cleaning up the brakes I've discovered some "lumps" in the rear brake drum! The surface of the drum that makes contact with the shoe is warped in 2 places, quite close to each other and at the rear of the drum and quite obviously! This causes the shoes to rub on each rotation. I have no idea how this has happened or if it's always been like it but my questions are, Where can one get drums skimmed or resurfaced and at what cost? Would a dremel and a lot of graft save me the expense and has anybody else ever done this/have advice? Thanks
  2. Oh and fog... 5am rural roads, blinded by main beams and bike is covered in muck, salt etc! Its dark when I leave and dark when I return. Washed the bike in the dark and adjusted the chain using a touch... I really need a garage or a car. Still good fun
  3. Still commuting by motorcycle, wind, rain, ice, floods, cold... Ice All good fun
  4. Just a note, the Haynes manual says SAE 10W/40 API grade SG or higher. Double checked as I started questioning if I'm using the correct oil as the first time I bought some I took the advice from the suzuki dealer (streetbike). I've found most of the parts are available from wemoto at less cost with fast delivery. Oem parts and some cheeper versions or aftermarket ones
  5. I use Motul 7100 10w40 semi synthetic. I'm not sure what effect using 10w30 would have? It's thinner... I'm not an oil expert so I'd wait until one of the pros responds??
  6. I'm no expert but have you considered mounting the mirrors onto your original bar ends? Looks like you can detach the weights from the mirrors and thread your assembly through maybe?
  7. I'm wandering what I should do next (when I have the time). So far using this site, a Haynes manual, YouTube and Google I've learned how to; Change oil and filters, replace clutch cable, clutch plates, unseize front break pistons, replace pads and rear break shoes, spark plug and a few other bits and bobs. Valve clearances are next but while I've got the petrol tank off I'm replacing the rear break light switch (it's working but I believe the wires are loose or damaged as during break shoe change and re adjustment it stopped working. I had to twist it around the frame and cable tie it in place!) Most of these were out of necessity but now I'm wandering what (if any) jobs should I try and do/learn next. The bikes a suzuki van van (09), over 25k miles on the clock and used all year round. Anything else I can get done while the petrol tank is off? I'm not looking to spend too much money but jobs that should be done (or checked etc) that are fairly inexpensive or just good to know jobs etc please. I'm building up a decent tool kit and new skills
  8. I use Motul chain wax (c4) too, I find it ends up all over the swing arm tho and gets lots of road grime etc stuck to it in no time. I've tried a couple of other brands but found them harder to apply or not last as long etc... Only reason I started using this is because the dealership recommended it but on a 125 I'm thinking perhaps a lube formulated for racing is a bit overkill? Tbh I don't clean the bike enough so maybe my fault there's so much grime
  9. I should really clean my chain more (all weather use) but the chain wax I use can be difficult to remove so thanks for the tips. A biker once told me just to de link it and drop it in petrol overnight, I've never risked it but would that work and not damage o-rings? I currently use wurth brake cleaner on it, found that and a toothbrush gets most the wax off fairly easily but I might now consider using light oil and paraffin as described above. Probably watch the thread a bit longer first tho before taking the leap into the unknown
  10. I'd recommend trying army surplus stores, I have this bag. https://www.military1st.co.uk/14002205-mil-tec-molle-us-assault-pack-large-coyote.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIx8zQvJaQ5QIVCLDtCh2QjQ83EAQYAiABEgLXAfD_BwE Bought it 6 years ago, its large 35ltr, can carry a lot of weight, I've done small supermarket shops with it, parts from motorcycle shop, tool shopping, the list goes on. Never had to spray it with anything (ride all year round) and nothing inside has ever got wet. Might not be the most stylish bag but will last forever and for additional space you can always attach carabiner clips to the outside and hang stuff off or tie that long breaker bar to it etc... and I got mine for £20. These types of bags are very common in army surplus stores so you may get a bargain. If you're willing to spend more might as well get a back box or both. I've recently bought one and wish I had years ago, best thing you'll ever bolt onto your bike. You can pop your bag in the back box with your work stuff in and on the way home if you need the extra space the bag goes on your back and the box can hold your shopping or whatever, doubled your storage
  11. Note to self, when topping up oil ensure oil filler cap is tightened properly otherwise you will hear a change of sound in the engine noise and discover your leg and the whole side of the bike is a lovely slippery black. Doh
  12. I think ill stick with fully armoured gear thanks. Plus no one wants to see my junk hanging out as i ride through town in a mankini surely??? Budget is low but Im still looking for quality and buy in bits at a time, just jacket is needed atm. Thanks all for feedback, some useful some erm... well thanks anyway :0)
  13. Anyone have any good advice for summer gear on a budget? Im sweating my nuts off atm riding in the same gear I've used all through the winter. Brands, shops, anything that might help, cheaper the better or even second hand if you have old spares to sell. Not like its gonna be sunny long, is it?
  14. Its ok, recently had 1 wrote off still going through claim so had 0 no claims anyway and even with that insurance came down for my 2nd yr on the road. Fingers crossed it doesnt affect it as they never had full details of this one anyway.
  15. I checked the bike over and it seemed fine and still does. Although I believe it was deliberate as I had been completely stationary as had he for a while I reported it to insurance but not police and have decided not to make a claim. Infact after my self service the bike seems very slightly better than before. I do wish this idiot could be taken off the road but sadly Police are too busy these days to give a toss about anyone who's not rich or a celebrity. Thanks all for your feedback tho it is truly appreciated.
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