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  1. Thanks folks. No idea when I'll be back on two wheels, but it *will* happen.
  2. Well, it took some time to come to terms with what happened. Won't bore you but lots more was found and I've just finished my final post operative chemotherapy. It caused a massive flare of osteo-arthritis which I didn't even know I had and that I said making even a little walking around quite difficult. But it'll pass and I do have solid painkillers if I need them. Thought I'd drop in and update you all, given it's been a good six months, I could have goosed six by now and the ban would be over...!
  3. Pretty significant visual anomaly on the scan which was confirmed with a blood test and 'scraping' (I thought it was called a biopsy but what do I know?).
  4. Cheers all. So yeah it's apparently a simple op. I go in on Monday. Bit of a shock TBH but I'll live it seems.
  5. Hah, just a bit more complicated than I thought - I've got primary bloody bone cancer in my knee. Brilliant. Entire knee replacement and hope/pray that it doesn't spread. Ugh. Right, I'm off out to get thoroughly twatted.
  6. There are so many of these on the internet, I am seriously addicted lol.
  7. Bristol has less interesting roles for me (law) but I already own property there so I could kick tenants out and move in no problem. London has tons of jobs for me, obviously, again I own property there so living there no issue. Birmingham, lived there before and loved it but I have no property so I'd need to rent. Surprisingly quite a lot of jobs there. I suppose I could just live in Birmingham and commute to London, best of both worlds maybe.... I'm not sure . Going to head out to London in next few days to talk things over with a few contacts.
  8. Research indicates this was also six during his previous hunts (presumably before he was inspired by the wifebag kidnap technique):
  9. You're a dead man walking, you do know that right?
  10. Quit with the scooter jibes or I'll buy a Harley just to annoy you A red one.
  11. Ok so, update. It's a bit more complicated than normal and no, I won't be up and about anytime within about three months after the op which hopefully should be within two weeks. But, as many of you may remember, I've been kinda hating my role for a while now and though it's been fun living in the middle of nowhere, the emotional healing has been done so I feel ready to get back into the real world. This is a pretty big op, damage done in a similar manner to rennie that probably should have been looked at years ago. Silver linings then, with change comes opportunity. So, resigned today. Three months garden leave as I recently finished that horrible transaction anyway so didn't have a vast amount on and I explained the situation. Six months notice, compromised down to three months at home on full pay, not too shabby. Have spoken to a few old contacts in cities and now need to decide where I'm going to move to. Birmingham, Bristol or London. Bristol I have a couple of places but I think is too small. London I have a couple of places but, meh, London. Not sure I want that again. Birmingham, I have no easy property to move into so would need to rent but might be the perfect compromise. Also, awesome cycling and biking country nearby. Views? Where should I concentrate my job searches?!
  12. It always hurts, but remember it's grief for a relationship potential, not grief over the loss of the actual person. Took me yonks to work that one out. Anyway, onwards and upwards old bean, make a list of some cool places to visit, plan some routes, look up some nice tea and coffee (and cake!) stops along the way and give yourself something to look forward to. Have fun!
  13. Is this the first ever TMBF marriage proposal? you've missed it! Susieque and I did meet through TMBF we are now married Lol, before my time for sure!
  14. You would make an ideal wife. Is this the first ever TMBF marriage proposal?
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