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  1. Saw them, bit on the pricey side and I don't need a 4 manner just me and my gear.
  2. Just enough for me and my gear, no frills just quick and preferably effortless.
  3. I just don't get them, what are they for exactly? you can't seriously go offroad with them. And they look like Stevie Wonder designed them!! I'm sorry but it's not for me, or anyone I know apart from Stevie. Mick
  4. Any advice on what tent to buy and essential equipment. What are these pop up tents like? anyone got one?? I don't want to be f**king about with tent pegs and guy ropes if I can help it, something that takes 2 mins max to put up and the same to pack away. Cheers, Mick
  5. What is the laziest tent money can buy?? need it to erect itself and pack away easily.
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