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  1. Yes a great bike and pretty large for a 125 Had mine for ages even though I have full licence. Just about to move it on when the new bike arrives in a couple of weeks. Good ones do bring good money. If mine is anything to go by they are very reliable good on juice and everyone who does not too much about bikes think its 650. because its v twin it does look like bigger bike. I will be sorry to see it go but 7years is most likely long enough to own a125. now moving on to bigger things.
  2. Same boat as me I passed in early December. I have no idea what I want, so for the time being I will just carry on riding my little bike and enjoying it. Like the colour and the bike as well have good time on it and take care.
  3. Did mine yesterday passed OK but not perfectly. The questions are just fine so to get 2 wrong was disappointing.I think the hazard stuff is a bit hit and miss but I did get one I had seem on the practice. Anyway I passed OK and I suppose that is what matters as I have no desire at all to go through that again. Next job is to choose a school and then get it all finished. So onwards and upwards.
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