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  1. We’ve had similar things over here but on the green lanes, namely wooden planks on tracks with nails in them trying to catch enduro riders out. Police investigate but none of these f- - - - - G terrorists ever seem to get caught .
  2. They’re out there!! My question would be why….
  3. Good luck with this .... I can't help, I was just another ill thought out consideration of my dads back then! Try posting a request on here http://www.ttwebsite.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=12 Lots of older bikers and race lovers on there, someone may be able to help
  4. Happy Birthday to both of you, hope you have a good day
  5. Happy Birthday .... All the very best
  6. manxie49

    BMW special tools

    Live and learn, I always thought the single sided swing arms had a series of smaller bolts holding the rear wheel in place , never had one though so don’t know. Hell of a size bolt
  7. manxie49

    BMW special tools

    FFS! Has it got a lorry wheel on it
  8. Dash cams are okay when it comes to using them to provide evidence in the event of an accident, but they're a double edged sword, lets face it none of us are perfect. The problem is there are now far to many "dash cam warriors", who witness something on the road and run home in a weird state of arousal at the thought of posting it on social media, these are the tools who seem to think they're perfection personified and had their licences bestowed upon them by god himself! Some of these self righteous gits need to get themselves a life......
  9. manxie49

    BMW special tools

    BMW annoy the crap out of me, damn good bikes but not the most user friendly to work on yourself .... everything on them are torx! Do they not use Allen keys in Germany? I struggled finding a socket for the axle nut on my s1000, 36mm, biggest nut I've ever known to secure the axle on a bike, even taking the rear wheel off and putting it back on, something that should be quite straightforward forward, wasn't! Still love the bike though so I'll put up with the annoyances.
  10. Have a look here, these guys do the same training and from all accounts are pretty good https://i2imca.com/?fbclid=IwAR0cU_Jurb08MFdNhbMekmZFVS-paxo-V5PFicq9jJmgL-AoBLHfIwufYYQ
  11. One of the best courses I did was run locally by an instructor, half day on slow manoeuvring. Sounds boring I know, but some of the skills were challenging and really went some way to improving slow riding and manoeuvring confidence. I think a group called the Motorcycle academy runs the same sort of course. I was lucky when I did my IAM training, my observer used radios, so feedback was instant, I do know a lot don't, real shame.
  12. I did IAM a few years ago and found it really good. My observer was a former police motorcyclist. I’m hoping to do the bikemaster course next year …. Any training is good training, goes some way to helping keep you on the ball.
  13. Happy Birthday Mucker .... Have a good one Late Birthday pressie on Monday .... Enjoy
  14. manxie49

    See ya

    Take it easy mate …. All the very best
  15. Happy Birthday's ....
  16. I Wonder if these two dudes are related?
  17. Have a good un!
  18. I feel for you mate, but know your pain all to well .... This was my S1000 one day after being on the road! Found a nail in my rear tyre, couldn't be repaired so had to shell out on a new tyre! Lucky you found it though, not good
  19. Sorry to hear you're having to give up biking! Good luck mate and take it easy
  20. If he's advising you to accelerate up to 80+ to get away from cars on a motorway, then he's advising you to break the law, dangerous advice with all the "average" speed cameras on motorways now, and is good advice to follow if your other hobby is collecting points. Yes, twisting the throttle to get you out of trouble IMHO is acceptable, but if you read the road, ride within your limitations and keep your wits about you, you shouldn't often find yourself in that predicament. As for signalling, yes, there are times when you may not need to signal, remember, you signal to warn other roads users what you're doing, as much for your well being as theirs. If there's nothing else on the road, then again, IMHO, there would be no need to signal. When it comes to filtering, if you're not comfortable doing it then don't, don't feel pressurised to follow the crowd and do what you see others doing, riding outside of your personal comfort zone usually ends in one way only. Enjoy the ride mate and stay safe
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